Xbox Players Aren't Getting Out Of Bronze In Apex Legends...

Thousands of players have begun using an exploit that allows you to crash ranked games and avoid RP being effected. The exploit can be performed easily with a next-gen Xbox. As a result, Apex Legends is basically unplayable in Season 13 for Xbox users.

Apex Xbox
Poor Bangalore, she should've gone PlayStation... | © Microsoft / EA

Poor Xbox players, how dare we accuse them of being low-skilled?! Don't worry guys, we're not. The reason Xbox players can't get out of Bronze this season is because other Xbox players are doing an exploit to crash ranked games. But why would anyone want to crash their own ranked game? And are Respawn going to fix this issue?

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What's Happening To Xbox Servers?

Toxic players are abusing an exploit that crashes Apex Legends Ranked servers to prevent RP loss when they lose. When they know they're doing poorly, they spectate a player until the end of the game, then perform the exploit and crash the servers. This way, they prevent ever going down in rank while grinding. This exploit is performed on Xbox, and is affecting Xbox servers only.

Of course, these cretins don't just prevent their own de-ranking when they crash the servers, they prevent everyone in the lobby from either going up or down. This is infuriating the strongest members of playerbase, who are getting their wins but having their games crash before the rank increase can occur. Here's one particularly upsetting example:

Proof that Prevxsion and Dxablo XI are crashing servers from apexlegends

You can see how quickly this would turn you off the game. As one user in the comments claimed, "Currently plat+ ranked matches are unplayable. 8/10 matches crash."

The worst news? There's nothing users can do to protect themselves, they need to wait for Respawn to do something about the problem.

When Will Respawn Fix The Xbox Servers?

Respawn have already started trying to fix the problem...but so far, their updates haven't worked. They're being straight up with the community, so we can respect that at least:

While it's annoying that the current fixes aren't working, we're positive that they'll get a patch deployed in a matter of weeks that will work. Of course, we might be a little too optimistic here, but let's see.

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