Battlefield 2042 Alpha Playtesting Begins Next Week

Battlefield 2042 Playtesting Begins
This will be the first at-home playtesting for Battlefield 2042 | © EA

EA's at-home playtesters began receiving emails in the past few days that invited them to an event next week. Although Battlefield is not specifically mentioned in the email, it's the only game within EA's roster that makes sense for at-home playtesting right now. We've got all the details on Battlefield 2042's alpha playtesting right here.

Battlefield 2042 is due for release in mid-October, so only three short months away at the time of writing. These final weeks will be the last time for devs to make any significant changes to the game, at least to the launch state of the game, and so playtesting is key. Now, we've had reports already of some major elements not working, like the tornadoes, so who knows, maybe one of these playtesters will also be prepared to leak and will reveal further flaws about the game.

When Is The Battlefield 2042 Alpha Playtest?

The alpha playtesting for Battlefield 2042 begins on Monday, July 26, and goes on until Friday, July 30. This information comes from EA's playtesters, who began receiving emails this past weekend inviting them to participate. The emails don't mention Battlefield 2042 specifically, but this is the only game that playtesting would currently make sense for in EA's roster (only games that are very close to the end of development would be playtested at home). You can see the playtesting invite below:

Battlefield Playtesting
Playtesters started receiving these emails on Saturday, 17 July | © EA

How Can You Apply For Battlefield 2042's Alpha Playtesting?

If you sign up for at-home playtesting with EA, and if you are lucky enough to be selected, then you will be invited to an interview. If they still want you to playtest after the interview, then you will be asked to sign an NDA and given a window of time when you can play the game at home before answering follow-up questions.

Basically, you needed to follow the instructions we gave you in this article a few weeks ago. It might be too late now, but we know that some of our readers got lucky.

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When Is The Battlefield 2042 Beta?

If the alpha playtest is only happening at the end of July, we don't think you should expect the beta until September realistically. That would only leave a month until full release for the devs to implement any changes as a result of testing, but this is a 'marketing beta' so that's unimportant - it's only happening to drum up hype. Hence, you need to pre-order the game for access.

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