Spitfires, Robots, Nazis & Drones: Battlefield 2042's New Game Mode Is Ludicrous.

Battlefields Portal
EA DICE needs to double the pay of whoever's idea this was. | © EA

EA Play Live was just broadcast, and finally, Battlefield 2042's previously redacted Portal mode was revealed. The news had been mistakenly leaked a few hours beforehand, but the showcase was no less impressive. Here's what we learned about the new Battlefield 2042 game mode Portal (which we thought was called Battlehub).

After this morning's harrowing news about Activision Blizzard's sexual harassment scandal, it's a relief to report on some positive gaming news. I should rather say great news; the EA Play Live showcase was a tour de force for the publisher, and Battlefield in particular was looking impressive. The only slight disappointment was the leak from Gamesrant which spoiled Battlefield 2042's Portal mode a few hours before the event. But hey ho, keep reading for the deets.

What Was Revealed About Battlefield 2042 During EA Play Live?

EA Play Live focused on their new mode: Portal.

Here's a rundown of everything we were just shown:

  • The mode is called Portal. It works how we imagined Battlehub would, so you can use vehicles and weapons from across the franchise on different remastered maps. Think: BF1 horse being ridden by a soldier wielding a BFV MP40, and riding through the streets of BF4's Shanghai.
  • It's available on launch.
  • In the trailer, we saw Nazis fighting modern Marines, so we also know that the character models themselves are going to be time-hopping.
  • Portal is divided into three sections:
    • Official Experiences - game modes made by DICE
    • Community Experiences - game modes by the community
    • Battlefield Builder - where players can build their own experiences, much like Halo's forge mode.
  • We know that Rush and Conquest are both going to be in Portal.
  • The Battlefield Builder is more complex than anything we've seen in a game mode editor before, but we cannot edit the maps.

Like keeping up to speed with all things Battlefield? So do we, here's a few of the new additions in case you missed anything:

What Next For Battlefield 2042?

The next step for Battlefield 2042 will be the Alpha Playtest, and you can expect lots of leaks to come out of this one. We wrote an article on how to apply and we can confirm it worked for multiple readers, but at this point, you'll need to be quick.

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