Battlefield 2042's Portal Mode Just Leaked Ahead Of EA Play

Battlefield portal mix up
Someone just fudged up hard. | © A Since Deleted Gamesrant Article

The Battlefield 2042 mode we thought was called Battlehub (which we also thought we would have to wait until later this evening to find out more about) is actually called Portal. Someone at Gamesrant clearly had the inside scoop from a source at EA, as they seem to have accidentally published an article a few hours early that was clearly meant to be released after EA Play Live. Here's what they leaked.

You can say many things about Tom Henderson, but he's a king among men in the Battlefield community, and for good reason. But this time, he wasn't the source of the leak, though he was (thank goodness) able to jump on this mistake before Gamesrant could delete the article. Within minutes, he spotted it, or he was made aware of it, and from him, now thousands of fans know:

Well, it's certainly no longer a 'redacted' mode, and it must come as a big blow to EA who have lost the element of surprise with tonight's showcase.

Update: Gamesrant removed the article after a matter of minutes, and so we can no longer link you to their article.

What Was Leaked About Battlefield 2042's Portal / Battlehub Game Mode?

Five hours before EA Play Live, we read that "During EA Play 2021, DICE finally revealed the mysterious third Battlefield 2042 mode called Portal". At that point, we knew someone at Gamesrant was getting canned, but this all meant that they had an inside source at EA who had allowed them to prepare the article early. For that reason, we think you can believe the following:

  • The mode is called Portal.
  • It works how we imagine Battlehub would, so you can use vehicles and weapons from across the franchise on different remastered maps. Think: BF1 horse being ridden by a soldier wielding a BFV MP40, and riding through the streets of BF4's Shanghai.
  • It's divided into three sections:
    • Official Experiences - game modes made by DICE
    • Community Experiences - game modes by the community
    • Battlefield Builder - where players can build their own experiences, much like Halo's forge mode.
  • We know that Rush and Conquest are both going to be in Portal
  • The battlefield Builder is more complex than anything you've seen in a map editor, for console at least. It allows for visual script editing, as you can see below, but don't worry if it looks daunting as we know they plan to release tutorials on how to use the system.
Visual Script Battlefield
GG EA. | © A Since Deleted Gamesrant Articles

Like keeping up to speed with all things Battlefield? So do we, here's a few of the new additions in case you missed anything:

Battlefield 2042 at EA Play Live

We just wanted to let our readers know that there might still be more information available at the upcoming EA Play Live event in a few hours( at the time of writing, on July 22). While it's a shame to have the Portal / Battlehub mode spoiled, we know it will still be a big part of the showcase, as EA themselves tweeted:

If you're still excited then tune in yourself for the show. If you can't get to your computer then though, don't worry, we'll have live coverage of the event ready for you.

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