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The Battlefield 2042 progression system has been unveiled. EA are going to lean heavily on Battlefield's reputation as a game for teams rather than individuals.
Battlefield Progression System
This is a great way to let people specialize into a given role | © EA

We've just had fresh new details about the progression system in Battlefield 2042, and we've got to admit, we really like what we're seeing. In keeping with the design philosophy we've seen so far in BF2042, they're highlighting and rewarding team-based play as much as possible.

Battlefield 2042's Progression System - The 5 Point Model

Battlefield 2042 is taking a new approach to XP. They will reward you based on how well you do across five different criteria. This should allow support players to level up just as quickly as fraggers. You earn ribbons in each of these five areas after a completed match, here are the different types of ribbons:

  • Objective Ribbon - Play the objective
  • Wingman Ribbon - Support teammates with revives and various assists
  • Logistics Ribbon - Heal and resupply others and repair vehicles
  • Intel Ribbon - Spot and disrupt enemies, such as via EMP’s or destroying drones
  • Combat Ribbon - Score kills and destroy vehicles
Bf2042 progression ribbons
These are the five criteria for success apparently | © EA

This is well-thought-out, I like that combat has an equal weighting to the other areas of progression - this is exactly what Battlefield fans will want to see.

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Unlocking Weapons In Battlefield 2042

You will unlock weapons in Battlefield 2042 as you traditionally have in Battlefield games; you will have a player level that benefits from all forms of XP, and as you reach new levels, you unlock new weapons. This is typical of any shooter, and while they've been innovative elsewhere, we're glad that they've kept it traditional with weapon unlocks. Let's hope for a great all-around AR that unlocks at level 1.

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