Battlefield 2042: These 6 Vehicles Need To Return In Battlehub

6 Vehicles We Want To See In Battlehub
They won't compete with Eurofighters but who cares? They're iconic | © EA

Battlefield 2042 is now only a few short months away, and the beta might be available as soon as EA Play Live. Besides the new Hazard Zone mode and the standard multiplayer, we're excited to get our hands on Battlehub. In this game, older vehicles and weapons will be thrown together to fight on remastered maps. Here are 6 vehicles that we hope will make it into the sandbox.

Have you heard about Battlehub yet? If not, it's going to be one of the three main modes in Battlefield 2042. 'Battlehub' will be a sandbox mode in which older weapons and vehicles from various games in the Battlefield franchise are all put together on remastered maps. It's a love letter to the community, and it should be very casual in nature. Frankly, it sounds like a great laugh. It got us thinking, though: what are the weapons and vehicles we want to return most in Battlehub? Well, here are six of the vehicles, at least.

Note: We know we're getting a lot of modern hardware in Battlefield 2042, so in this wishlist, we wanted to focus on those historical titles and the vehicles from those eras that we would most love to see.

Battlefield 2042: Our Vehicle Wishlist For Battlehub

6. Battlefield 1942's M8 Greyhound

The M8 Greyhound was only available on one map in 1942, but boy was it a treat. It wasn't particularly strong, but it was lightweight and fast, which made it easily one of the funnest tanks to drive in Battlefields history. So light was the M8, in fact, that using its main gun would send the vehicle rolling back, while you bombarded a position.

5. Battlefield 1's Barrage Balloon

Not strictly a vehicle that the players can control, but the Barrage Balloon was iconic, and it contributed significantly to the great atmosphere BF1 was praised for. When it exploded in the sky It was especially dystopian, every soldier looking up at the chaos and destruction for a brief second.

Battlehub Vehicles Barrage Balloon
The barrage balloon was a behemoth, in every sense of the word | © EA

Like keeping up to speed with all things Battlefield? So do we, here's a few of the new additions in case you missed anything:

4. Battlefield V's Spitfire

This would really capture the sense of time–hopping in Battlehub, to have such an iconic WWII plane battling overhead with modern fighter planes. And it was so well-designed and represented in BFV, it would be a shame not to incorporate it into the new mode.

3. Battlefield 1's FT–17

Might take people by surprise a bit here, it certainly wasn't too strong, or even hugely popular. But I personally found these vehicles to be some very few that sat comfortably within the balance of the game. And they have such a charming design; it was always a sight to see these dinky little one man tanks rolling over the deserts of Sinai.

2. Battlefield 1's Horses

Much like the Barrage Balloons, the horses of BF1 brought so much to the atmosphere of the game, and to the sense of it really being World War One. As they came charging over trenches, saber in hand, these riders knew how to put the fear of god in their enemies. What's more, they would give Battlehub the sense of chaos it deserves - just imagine a neighing horse besides a Boston Robotics dog. Fractionally less fun when you've put around eight rounds in the upper chest, and they're still riding though...

Battlefield 1 Flying Horses 01 feature
Yes or no, what do you think?

1. Battlefield V's Ju–88

The Junker 88 is an iconic vehicle of World War Two. Now, so far, I've been speaking a lot about atmosphere. Well, nothing, and I mean nothing, has brought the same level of terror to boots–on–the–ground warfare as the Junker did. Thanks to a couple of nasty whistles on the wings, the Junker made a screaming whistle as it went diving for a bombing run. Such that blind panic and chaos would take over before the payload was dropped. Truly horrifying machines of war. And an absolute must in the Battlefield 2042 Battlehub mode.

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