Battlefield 2042 Officially Delayed [Update]

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Yeah - it's official now. | © EA

After no news at Gamescom, Battlefield 2042 fans had grown worried. An industry insider worsened those fears a few weeks ago, revealing that there are internal delays with Battlefield 2042's development and that they've been trying to keep it under wraps. Now the worst has happened - Battlefield 2042 has been officially delayed.

There's trouble in paradise. The game we all thought would pull the rug out from beneath Call of Duty: Vanguard has its own problems. And EA have been trying to keep things "hush, hush". Hopefully, these are issues that can be ironed out soon, or, if nothing else, we can get some communication from the devs.

Update: The game has now been officially delayed.

Why Have The Battlefield 2042 Devs Been So Silent Recently?

It's not good news. We're afraid to say that Battlefield 2042 insider (and now infamous leaker) Tom Henderson shared an email from a contact recently, and that contact confirmed the community's worst fears: "internal delays" are being kept hush-hush right now by EA. Basically, there's a problem at base camp, and we're being kept in the dark. Here's the full email:

This explains why they were not at Gamescom, and why they've been so cheeky recently. It seems like they're trying to play off a lack of announcements as teasing the community. Unfortunately, the veil is beginning to slip...

September 15 Update:

Battlefield 2042 has now officially been delayed until November 19.

Late November plays very badly for EA. It doesn't just shatter the faith that people put in DICE, but it gives Call of Duty (planned for a November 5 release date) a head start. The worst-case scenario for Battlefield 2042 would be that it gets delayed beyond the release of the new Pacific Warzone map, which is bound to bleed off millions of shooter fans who might otherwise have played BF2042.

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What Could The Problems Behind Battlefield 2042 Be?

During the alpha playtesting it was clear that the game was not running as well as many users hoped, and that the specialist system, in particular, needed changes before release. We have a full rundown on the new specialist system and why people hate it right here. The technical issues are also concerning but we could give them the benefit of the doubt that it's merely an older build (not the first time we've heard that excuse though).

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