A Third Of Battlefield 2042 Might Still Be Delayed Until March

Battlefield 2042 has been delayed once already. We think out of desperation they won't move the release date again, but how much of BF2042 will be ready by then? Well...not the whole thing, apparently.

Hazard zone battlefield delayed till march
Hazard Zone being delayed will massively hurt Battlefield as it was the one mode that could truly have rivaled Warzone | © EA

I think we aren't alone in hoping that this is a great installment for the Battlefield franchise - a chance for them to really compete against Call of Duty. And so when news came of 2042's six-week delay, we were obviously devastated. And now, to rub salt into the wound, we hear the even more upsetting news that Hazard Zone (a third of the game) might still not be ready for the new release date.

Will Battlefield 2042 Be Ready On Launch?

On launch, players can expect Portal and Multiplayer, but there is no single player, and Hazard Zone - which they still haven't shown us any gameplay of - might be delayed. It's particularly galling that there's no single-player if this is the case; as good as portal and multiplayer are, they aren't enough to account for $70.

We think Hazard Zone will be delayed because that was the speculation of one Battlefield insider-turned-leaker, whose speculations are almost never wrong:

Seriously, when this guy says speculation - believe it. We could still be proven wrong, but the fact is EA haven't shown anything about Hazard Zone even this close to 'release', is a dead giveaway that he's right.

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What Is Hazard Zone? Why Will A Delay Hurt EA So Badly?

Hazard Zone will be Battlefield 2042's BR mode. Rumors have suggested it might take Escape from Tarkov as its inspiration, but this is pure conjecture. EA themselves haven't described exactly how their BR experience will work. If it was like Tarkov, then it would be more about moving from one pre-determined side of the map to the other, rather than moving towards a randomly placed circle each game. Either way, this is basically the big one - the mode that might challenge Warzone.

If EA can't get this mode out by November 19, then that is going to really hurt BF2042. Because as good as portal and multiplayer might be, people are clearly moving away from traditional shooter experiences. The new Warzone map dropping in late November will grab the punters that could have been playing Hazard Zone. Let's cross our fingers, and hope for Battlefield's sake that we're wrong about this delay...

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