When Will The Battlefield 2042 Beta End?

The Battlefield 2042 beta launched on October 6. Let's answer a question a lot of our readers have been asking: when does the Battlefield 2042 beta end?
Battlefield 2042 Beta Testing
Wrap it up soldier - we're evac'ing | © EA

Beta's are great, they feel so eventful, and they give you a chance to try before you buy. But they're just that: betas - limited time trials. And it will come to an end. But when exactly will the BAttlefield 2042 beta end?

When Does The Battlefield 2042 Beta End?

The Battlefield 2042 beta ends on October 10 for everyone at the following times around the globe:

  • 00:00 PT
  • 02:00 CDT
  • 03:00 ET
  • 08:00 BST
  • 10:00 MSK
  • 18:00 JST

You don't have as much time to try this beta as you had with Vanguard, but it should be enough to know whether you enjoy the core gameplay loop. We really hope you do enjoy it, so don't read our first impressions article until you've played for yourself first.

Bf 2042 article time map jpg adapt 1456w
I'm loving the tacticool aesthetic of BF2042 | © EA

You can see on the map that if you were to use a VPN and reconnect via LA, you might be able to buy yourself a few more hours...

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Will The Battlefield 2042 Beta Be Extended?

You can usually expect betas to be extended by 'surprise', but that's when they're happy with the reception, this year, unfortunately... the Battlefield 2042 beta will almost certainly not be extended.

More hands-on time with the game might be exactly what EA needs to earn back people's confidence. But not the multiplayer, unless they can offer a better map. No - they need to provide a second beta that shows off either Portal or Hazard Zone to really recover. Let's see how smart they are here.

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