Best Dota 2 Safe-Lane Combos According to Gosu.AI

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Do you like hitting creeps and then going for a rampage? According to Gosu.AI, these safe-lane duos should get you some of that sweet MMR.

The days of tri-laning are almost gone in Dota 2, except on very rare occasions where it all depends on the carry having a good game. Even then, it’s still quite shocking. In the current meta, going 2-1-2 is what you typically see.

When it comes to the safe lane, you either have to control the lane by pulling or straight up win it by zoning out or killing your opponents. We know some lane combos are much more successful than others and according to Gosu.AI, these are the Top 5 winners.

What’s Gosu.AI?

Gosu.AI is in an AI that helps players work on their weak points by looking at statistics, analyzing replays and more. Not too long ago, you could just add a Gosu.AI Steam bot that would give you feedback after every game – last hits, supporting, teamfight participation, and more.

For additional info on the program, check the official website.

The Top 5 Safe-Lane Combos

5. Crystal Maiden + Juggernaut – 58.11% win rate

Juggernaut dota 2
Image credit: Valve Corporation

Not really surprising. The Jugg/CM combo has been a thing ever since the original DotA. Maiden’s crowd control and aura paired up with Jugger’s Bladefury make it easy to get kills on enemy heroes that have no blink. Thanks to the extra mana, the Juggernaut can almost always place a Healing Ward and stay on the lane without any issues.

Moving into the late game, the combo is just as powerful as CM can become a threat if enemies don’t have a BKB-piercing stun or silence. Jugger is also one of the most versatile carries in the late game as his Omnislash can kill anyone with the right items.

4. Riki + Grimstroke – 58.31% win rate

Dota 2 riki anonymous mode
Image credit: Valve Corporation

A couple of months after Grimstroke was released, players were quick to release that the hero was broken in certain scenarios. His Ink Swell can do massive damage and stun for a few seconds – the only catch is that you have to be near the opponent before it takes effect. What better hero to do that than Riki? With access to Blink Strike which has two charges even at Level 1, there’s simply no way a hero can escape from the combo.

Going into the later stages, Grimstroke can double the amount of single-target spells landed on enemies thanks to his ultimate. Having a Doom, Legion Commander or a Lich are just some of the good options. To make matters worse, Riki is also an absolute beast in the late game.

3. Spectre + Warlock – 59.28% win rate

Spectre dota 2
Image credit: Valve Corporation

Spectre, a hero that doesn’t really stand out during the laning phase as she’s hungry for items. The only way to really win against a Spectre is to destroy her in the early game and stomp her lane.

This becomes almost impossible when you add Warlock as a support. The hero can heal the carry every 14 seconds and the healing over time lasts for 12 seconds. This, when paired up with Spectre’s passive, makes bullying her out of lane borderline impossible. With a Warlock on the lane, the Spectre is sure to get a good start and itemize accordingly.

When it comes to the late game, Spectre is perhaps the hardest carry to kill unless you have a way to break Dispersion and even then, it’s still a challenge without good lockdown. Warlock’s ultimate pierces spell immunity, meaning it’s very useful for stopping things like Black Hole.

2. Clinkz + Ogre Magi – 59.53% win rate

Clinkz dota 2
Image credit: Valve Corporation

We’re used to seeing Clinkz more often mid than on the safe lane. The hero makes good use of level advantage but he also does really well with support, especially when that support is Ogre Magi. Ogre tanks all the damage and provides crowd control plus Bloodlust. All Clinkz has to do is right-click targets – it’s that easy.

Games against Clinkz, especially when he’s having a game, don’t tend to last long. If the game goes too late, other carries might actually beat him despite the great start. Ogre Magi can make good use of a Scythe of Vyse thanks to Multicast.

1. Drow Ranger + Vengeful Spirit – 63.30% win rate

Drow ranger dota 2
Image credit: Valve Corporation

Much like Juggernaut and Crystal Maiden, this combo is quite old and very popular. Both heroes provide an aura and both were reworked over time but the combo remains very strong. Vengeful Spirit now grants extra attack range to ranged heroes which is great news for Drow. The support can also save you, stun, shred armor and provide vision. Furthermore, the aura remains even after Venge dies as her illusion will remain.

Drow is great in almost any stage of the game but it’s better to wrap it up early. The hero has no trouble doing that thanks to her flash-farming potential and armor-piercing procs on enemy heroes.

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