Bill Gates Buys Bethesda, Hades Reigns and Rocket League is Free

Bill Gates Buys Bethesda, Hades Reigns and Rocket League is Free
Bill Gates Buys Bethesda, Hades Reigns and Rocket League is Free. (Image Credit: Supergiant, Microsoft, Bill Gates, Psyonix)

What a week. Or am I just saying that as a standard phrase to star this entry? Let’s find out by going over this week's highlights.

You have to play Hades and Rocket League. Period. Full stop. Also, Bill Gates reminded everybody that he’s still rich, but has the worst naming department and InnerSloth are about as business-savvy as their name suggests.

Let’s do this:

The best game of the year is a game that wants you to die… a lot

Hades is the latest game by developer Supergiant aaaand… you should play it. Like seriously: Play it. This is not sponsored, this is just me, mano a mano, mano a woman (I don’t speak whatever language that is) telling you what’s in your best interest. You know how most games reward you for advancing and being good? Well, in Hades you get rewarded for dying. In Hades, Death is progress. Sounds weird? Sounds cool? Sounds like you wanna watch the video? Well, go for it.

Bill Gates reminds us that he’s rich

Bill Gates has money and just had his company drop some small change on an acquisition: Microsoft bought Bethesda Game Studios for a measly $7.5 billion. If you don’t know who or what Bethesda is, then, first of all: Shame on you. Bethesda is the studio behind Skyrim - the game that you heard of even if you hate gaming. Bethesda also owns the developers that made Doom & Wolfenstein and they also made a little something called Fallout. So Microsoft buying them… yeah, it’s got the gaming world shook. Does the Xbox finally have some exclusives other than Halo? Sure seems like it.

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Your life’s been missing Rocket League and you didn’t even know it

You know that feeling of emptiness? Of something missing in your life? That something that you just don’t know what it is? Well, I do. It’s Rocket League and now you can fill that void in your life for free, because Rocket League has gone... uhm free. It's gone free to play on September 23rd to be exact and if you feel like playing football with rocket-powered cars, then this game is… well, it’s exactly that. 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 and a whole lotta fun. There’s a reason it’s been having one million concurrent players daily since it’s f2p release. Don’t miss out.

Uhm... y'all ordered the wrong Xbox...

So this is embarrassing… you know how Microsoft called their systems Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One and everybody was like ‘this is gonna blow up in their face one day’. Well… it kind of did, because on the day the Xbox Series X preorders went live, Xbox One X sales went up by 747%.


Seems like a lot of moms, grandparents, dads and sugar dads didn’t quite know what to order beyond an Xbox with an extra X attached and ended up ordering the wrong one. This is gonna get awkward on Christmas Day...

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InnerSloth don’t understand how to make money

The company is called InnerSloth, so… expectations were low to start with. But, InnerSloth turned out to be responsible for the breakout hit of the year: Fall G--, uhm, I mean: Among Us! Among Us has technically been out since 2018, but this year it blew up to top the Twitch charts. 10 players try to fix a stranded spaceship to escape, but one of them being a secret killer that tries to kill them all. The premise is simple and the result is chaos and insults and just pure beauty. Where there’s success, there’s money, so InnerSloth had a sequel in the making, which they now scrapped in favor of upgrading part 1 for free. Uhm… that ain’t the way to get rich. That’s… that’s... kindness. And we love them for it.

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