Quincy Crew Win the BTS Pro Series Season 3 Americas!

Bts pro series dota 2
Image credit: Beyond The Summit

Beyond The Summit Pro Series Season 3 Americas came to an end and Quincy Crew were once again crowned champions. That sounds familiar.

The third season of the BTS Pro Series is taking place in a total of three regions – Americas, Asia, and Europe/CIS. The Americas already declared the winners as the event came to an end in the early hours of yesterday. It’s a Dota 2 tournament in North America, Quincy Crew are participating, and Evil Geniuses are still nowhere to be found. You can guess who won the event, that’s right – Quincy Crew.

Quinn “Quinn” Callahan and his teammates have been on a rather hot streak in the region. During the group stage of the event, they've managed to take the lead with 7 victories and 2 ties. The latter was against beastcoast and Team Brasil. Going into the playoffs, Quincy Crew started from the upper bracket and had an easy run to the finals. Their first clash was once again with Team Brasil but this time they took them down with a 2:0. Next up they faced infamous and the end results were exactly the same. In the grand finals, it was another very familiar opponent – CR4ZY. The two teams have been meeting in the finals way too often with Quincy Crew coming out on top every time. This tournament was no different as it ended with a 3-1 final score in favor of QC.

This is the team’s seventh title in a row and in three of those they defeated CR4ZY in the grand finals. For their victory at BTS Season 3 Americas earned $21,000 in prize money. It’s already beyond clear they’re the best in the region and nobody can stop them. Evil Geniuses were last seen during the OMEGA League in Europe so there’s no sign of the once-dominant NA team making a return. Whether it’s due to the pandemic remains to be seen.

In the meantime, Quincy Crew have free reign over the region and any event that comes up. As for the BTS Pro Series Season 3, the regions of Asia and Europe/CIS are still underway. A live stream is available on the official BTS Twitch channel

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