Call of Duty: Warzone records and pro tips on how to beat them

Co D Warzone Chars
The bar has been set high already. (Image credit: Activision)

Kill over a hundred opponents? Ez, some Call of Duty: Warzone pros would say. The game attracts many good gamers and some of them have been trying to outdo each other with their kill counts. Just recently an incredible new record was set.

For some players the normal challenge in Warzone seems to be too boring: to win out over 150 players... Can't you do better than that? Oh, yes! They not only try to win, but get as many kills as possible. With some success at that.

Of course, there is a separate category for each mode in Warzone with its own world record. The solo record is held by Fluxury with 42 kills, who replaced the previous record holder Risible in early May. That's right, 42 kills in a single game. That's something you have to do first.

Solo vs. trios seems to work as well as Bartonologist proves. He got 39 kills in a trio match alone. Had the other two also scored as many kills, the trio would have come to just under 120 kills from 147 opponents. No trio team has ever done that before, but you should never say never. And spoilers: one quad bike has already broken the 120 barrier.

Phanosy thought playing against three is boring, so he’d rather play solo vs. quads. He single-handedly eliminated more than a third of all players in the match. With 53 kills he set the new record in this category in mid-May, even though he did not win the match in the end. He is also part of the team that holds the trios record.

The duos record is shared by HusKerrs and DougisRaw with a total of 65 kills. 41 of these are attributable to HusKerrs and 24 to DougisRaw. Both are also part of the team that holds the Quads record. You notice that good players join forces and then just pick up where they left off on their own: one kill after another.

The current trio record is held by Phanosy, YanksTV and Meloqz. They made it to 100 kills in a match of three, of which Phanosy was responsible for 43.

The latest record was set in Quads mode. The team of HusKerrs, DougisRaw, Symfuhny and TeePee collected an incredible 121 kills in one match. With a maximum number of 150 players per match, this means that they killed over 80% of all players. The kills were distributed as follows:

  • DougisRaw with 32 kills
  • TeePee with 31 kills
  • HusKerrs with 34 kills
  • Symfuhny with 24 kills.

How do you get so many kills?

To achieve such kill numbers, you have to be an extremely good player, know the map well and always know where you can position yourself best. But that alone is not enough. If you don't play aggressively and take the risk of mercilessly hunting down every player you find, you will not reach these record numbers. Furthermore, you can see in almost every video that players buy and use reconnaissance drones at every opportunity to find as many opponents as possible.

Especially in the different squad modes, you can see that the teams also use a certain tactic. No matter if duos, trios or quads, the teams never play together, but jump off at different corners of the map.

By having each player in the squad play on their own, you can get a lot more kills. Only as the circle gets narrower do the squad members meet again at the end of a match. This way you have the chance to get more kills, but your own risk is also much higher, because you always fight alone against squads and have no teammates nearby to revive. Not for nothing many of the record holders are well-known streamers and Call of Duty players. To reach such a record requires a lot of practice, a well-rehearsed team and also a good portion of luck.

Warzone Pro Tips

  • Explore and know every part of the map
  • Use reconnaissance drones
  • Practice
  • Play with reliable teammates
  • Split - you don't have to jump off at other points on the map at the beginning, but clearing a slightly larger area or different areas can lead to good single numbers.

Knowing and using the best weapons in the game is also a good way to improve your stats. We can help out with that, from the best shotguns to the best snipers – we got it all!