500k Warzone Players Banned for Cheating!

Warzone Cheaters Banned header
Warzone has a cheating problem! (Credit: Activision)

Raven Software took to Twitter to announce a new ban wave in Warzone and now 500k cheaters have officially received bans. Raven Software has already racked up a lifetime 500k bans in the CoD’s Battle royale that has been plagued with cheaters from day 1.

Call of Duty fans have just grown accustomed to cheaters in Warzone, and it might surprise you to learn that the number of accounts banned in October 2020 was only a mere 200k. But now that number has exceeded anyone's expectations, Warzone has a cheating problem and the 500k number is proof enough.

Apparently, people really, really, like to cheat in Warzone. Here we are less than a year later, and the number of bans has more than doubled, leaving us puzzled at the sheer volume of people actively trying to cheat in Warzone.

Half a Million Warzone Cheaters Banned!

Activision decided to get the ban hammer off the dev tools shelf and hand it over to Ravensoft to unleash its massive power in another recent ban wave. To commemorate this milestone, Raven Software tweeted to mark the momentous occasion.

How Many Were Banned in the Recent Wave?

The recent ban wave hit 30k cheaters, finally pushing the number of cheaters to over five hundred thousand! Back in early January, the dev team in charge of CoD Warzone promised to keep Warzone as cheater-free as possible. 500k banned is outright shocking as some games don’t even have that many active players! I guess no one can doubt the devs' claim to keep Warzone clean at this point. We suspect that there are still many more bans to come as it is just too easy to make a new CoD account.

CoD: Warzone is free to play and that means that the cheating will never stop because you can simply just make a new account. This is why bans are issued in waves to give the cheaters less time to react.

The ban wave is a nice touch to end the current season as Season 4 of Warzone and Black Ops Cold War is almost here! Everyone should know by now that when the Battle Pass is about to run out, a new one must replace it. The current Battle Pass ends June 16 so expect Raven Software to announce more than one more ban wave in the weeks to come.

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