The Best Warzone Memes Of 2021

We love memes. We love Warzone. Here are the best Warzone memes of 2021!

Warzone meme
This was an actual skin. LOL. | © Activision Blizzard

Warzone - we love it. It's been keeping us going since the Pandemic began. And dropping in with the boys will have a certain magic to it that no game can ever expect to replace. But we've also dealt with a lot of nonsense; broken DMRs, no FOV slider on console, and enough bugs and glitches to last a lifetime. Sometimes you've just got to laugh at it all, how can they be so incompetent? Well, now yule-tide is upon us, let's have a laugh together. Here are the best Warzone memes of 2021.

The Best Memes of 2021

Last Man Standing

We've all been there. The squad is watching your performance, and it's a nail-biting moment as you watch the final circle move pull the gas in. Where can you turn? What can you do?

Best Warzone Memes 1 uleggymolloy
We've all been there... | © u/leggymolloy

No More ATC...

Okay, hands up, who camped the tower on Verdansk? We all did a bit, right? Couple of claymores on the abseil, muni in the pocket - lovely stuff. We don't have that in Caldera but we still have some campy spots to be sure.

Best Warzone Memes 1
There's a new one, but it can be approached from two angles. | © u/afrosamurai

The Woes of the Meta

Was this the worst meta? Black Ops certainly did have terrible integration, at least nothing in Vanguard was that broken on launch. While we're talking meta...

Best Warzone Memes 2 ubrijoska
We've all suffered at the hands of these puppies. | © u/brijoska

I thought I had a Satchel when I died?

We've all done it, and that's okay. FYI the worst inter-team passive aggression I've seen is someone popping a deady to get the final scavenger crate.

Best Warzone Memes 3 uricoardoviltakis
And they've taken your gas-mask! | © u/ricoardoviltakis

Respect for Oden Users

I have a friend who unironically used the MW (2019) AK-47 for the whole of year 1. Different strokes for different folks.

Best Warzone Memes 5 ureal cowboy patrick
Because not everyone wants to use an EM2. | © u/FuzzyHagen

There you have it - the best Warzone memes of 2021, or our favorite at least. Enjoy!