Black Ops Cold War Season 1 Roadmap: Nuketown '84, New Weapons & More

According to the roadmap, we're getting a lot of free content in BOCW Season 1. (Image Credit: Activision)

Only one more week until the start of Black Ops Cold War! The roadmap for Season 1 now announces the return of Nuketown, new weapons, new maps and much more.

We are all eagerly awaiting next week or, Friday the 13th, to be precise. The unlucky day is the day that Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War will be released.

Now the roadmap for Season 1 has been published, with exact dates and an overview of lots of cool, new and free content. The start date for Season 1 in Black Ops Cold War is 10 December 2020.

BOCW Season 1 Roadmap
The new roadmap reveals what BOCW Season 1 will bring to the table. (Image Credit: Call of Duty via Twitter)

Nuketown '84

Nuketown is probably one of the best known and most popular maps in Call of Duty and has almost the same status as Dust2 in CS:GO. We first saw the map in the first Black Ops part of 2010 and, since then, in every other Black Ops part of the series. On November 24th, even before the start of Season 1, the popular map will now return as Nuketown '84. The layout will probably be the same, only the setting will be adapted to the 80s.

Gunfight 2v2

Gunfight 2v2 will continue the popular multiplayer mode from Modern Warfare in December. The mode was first introduced in the current Modern Warfare and is enjoying great popularity. As more maps are announced in the roadmap, we strongly anticipate that smaller versions of the regular maps and maybe even some maps specially designed for Gunfight will be released.

New Weapons

As in Modern Warfare and Warzone, Black Ops Cold War will have new weapons with each season. As you can see from the picture on the roadmap, the Russian assault rifle Groza will be the first one. But since there is talk of several weapons, we can look forward to more new additions to the arsenal in December.

Warzone Integration & New Progression System

As announced, with the launch of Season 1 BOCW will be integrated into Warzone. From this point on there will be a cross-game and cross-mode progression system. All experience points from the multiplayer of BOCW and Modern Warfare, Warzone or the zombie modes will count as one.

BOCW Progression System
This is how the progression system will work in Black Ops Cold War. (Image Credit: Call of Duty)

Weapons that are levelled in multiplayer are also levelled in Warzone or in CoD: Zombies. Your military rank will be synchronised across all games. If you level up to level 55 in BOCW, you will also have this level in Modern Warfare and Warzone. In order to make this system fair and to be able to integrate it smoothly, the entire level progress in all three titles will be reset with the start of Season 1. Unlocked weapons, perks etc. will remain, only the levels will be reset to zero.

Furthermore, the image of the blackened document gives a decisive hint of what the new map for Warzone might be. The image shows a name 'eniya Island' and shows a map section showing the Aral Sea.

Warzone Rebirth island
We highly suspect that this document will reveal the next Warzone Map. (Image Credit: Call of Duty via Twitter)

The name most likely stands for Vozrozhdeniya Island – or Rebirth Island in English. The island is located in the Aral Sea and was formerly used by the Soviets to test biological weapons such as anthrax. In the first CoD: Black Ops you visit this island as a player to prevent the production of Nova 6. So it seems very likely that the island will come to Warzone as a new map, but nothing has been officially confirmed yet.

Besides the already mentioned new content, the roadmap also announces new maps, game modes and zombie modes, but does not describe them in detail. Overall, Season 1 in Black Ops Cold War seems to offer a lot of new and exciting free content and we can't wait to try it all out for ourselves.

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