Black Ops Cold War Patch: Increases to Weapon XP in Multiplayer and Zombies!

Nuketown Patch
We can now speed up the leveling process with this BOCW XP Patch! (Image Credit: Treyarch)

Black Ops Cold War is one hell of a grind! It takes an extremely long time to level up your weapons – or at least it did. Yesterday, on November 30th, Treyarch airdropped a sexy new update making leveling just a little bit faster.

In the Black Ops alpha and beta, it was criticized that weapon leveling took a very long time and... no changes were made. So, with the official release of Black Ops Cold War, the very same problem from the beta obviously came up again, because... if you sweep your problem under the carpet, it... remains a problem. Naturally, many players continued to complain about the enormous amount of time it took to unlock all the attachments for a weapon Now, Treyarch finally reacted with a patch. It's almost as if the beta players - the most dedicated fans of the game - were right all along. A shocking revelation indeed!

Black Ops Patch Notes: More Weapons XP

Most players found the slow leveling to have a negative impact on the game, as many people started the grind with the MP5 and XM4. Even after Prestige 1 and at level 55, players didn't even have one of the two weapons completely finished. It can be really frustrating to play with the same gun for so long and still not being close to finishing the grind. After all, this is a shooter, not an MMO.

Even the Double-XP event didn't help speed up the grind by a lot, especially in zombie mode, thanks to a bug that reduced XP. The patch did make some changes to the leveling experience, but was it enough?

According to Treyarch, you will now earn significantly more weapon XP in both multiplayer and zombie mode. Unlocking the attachments should therefore be much faster in the future.

Bug Fixes

According to the developers, the XP-reducing bug in the zombie mode was also fixed. They also fixed the napalm burst ammo mod, which sometimes did not give you XP at all.

In multiplayer, another bug was fixed: On Nuketown, it was possible to stay in a small area outside the map without dying. From here, it was easy to farm kills while most players couldn't even see you.

More Double XP Events

As a small apology to the players, Treyarch also promised more Double XP events for December. So, if you still haven't unlocked all the attachments for your favorite weapons, you'll get a few more ways to do it faster in December.

Bottom line, what did we all learn? Complain enough on Twitter and this will get the devs to finally fix their game! Well done, gaming community! Now let's try Counter-Strike!

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