BOCW Leaks Confirm Zombies in Warzone Season 2

warzone zombies
Could Zombies be joining us in Warzone? We hope so! (Credit: Activision)

Since Patch 1.12 became available for preload, players have discovered several Challenges which confirm that Zombies will be coming to Warzone in Season 2. The discovery is not unexpected, with players having anticipated this addition for a long time. However, this leak's quite likely to mean that Zombies might be joining us in just a matter of days.

The pre-season update for Season 2 includes all the content that will drop with Season 2, as well as various bug fixes and performance improvements. Well, it's available for preload on most platforms, and despite the lack of any Patch Notes thus far, it reveals a lot. Just like this juicy, moist, little beefsteak:

Well, well, well... it looks like it might be time. The Zombie machines arrived a while ago in Verdansk, and speculation has been rife. The question has always been “What comes first, Zombies, or the Nuke?” Perhaps it will be both, perhaps it will be neither. However, it looks likely that Zombies WILL be coming to Warzone.

Verdansk, you’re even more screwed than before. We got a taster at Halloween, but it had no roots in lore, so that was not particularly indicative of the future... perhaps. Well, these challenges are pretty definitive, so... yeah, we can probably say this is thing! Awesome!

BOCW Season 2 Roadmap
Check out the roadmap for Season 2! (Credit: Activision)

Perhaps the cargo ship that has been sitting off Verdansk's coast is the key to this puzzle – we thought it might be Nova 6, but maybe it's actually full of Zombies. Another perhaps: could this look a little like the Zombies in Black Ops 4's Blackout map?

Basically, Zombies spawned at different locations around the map, and you could track them down and fight them for really great rewards. Thus, could it be like this, or could it be more leaning towards a cool survival-spin for Warzone?

bear grills survival
Credit: GIPHY

Well, we might find out pretty bloody soon! You should definitely check out our breakdown of everything included in Patch 1.12, which is currently available for preload. Oh, and do just that: get everything ready for Season 2 by downloading it ahead of time. We are so hyped, like holy s**t!


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