BOCW Setup Guide: Milano 821 – The Hip-fire Build

BOCW Milano Setup Guide
The Milano 821 shines especially when you fire from the hip! | © Activision Blizzard

The Milano 821 had been lingering beneath the meta for a long-time in Warzone until it was buffed into stardom during Season 4. But in Black Ops Cold War the Milano 821 has always been strong; in that environment, it can flourish as a traditional SMG. Here's the current BOCW meta build for the Milano 821, with the full attachment setup.

Perhaps you're a Zombies player, or maybe you like to cool off in some 24/7 Nuketown - either way you should know that Warzone and BOCW balance the weapons independently of each other. So you might want totally different attachments on the same gun dependent on whether you're running it in Warzone or Zombies. Now at some places they might just assume you want one or the other without providing both. But not us. Keep reading for the strongest Milano build in BOCW, and if you're looking for what you'll need to change if you head into Warzone, then check out this setup guide.

TheMilano 821 unlocks at level 13 and has a rather low rate of fire. Nevertheless, what makes it a very popular submachine gun is its fantastic hip-fire accuracy in Black Ops Cold War, and we'll play into that with this setup.

Milano 821 Setup

  • Stock: Tactical Stock
  • Barrel: 10.6" Task Force
  • Ammunition: 55 Round STANAG
  • Laser: Tiger Team Spotlight
  • Unterbarrel: Bruiser Grip
Milano Attachments
A nice little skin this, it'll set you back a cool 1500 CP, but for a weapon as nice to use as the Milano? No regrets | © Activision Blizzard

The essentials of this build are going to be obvious - we're taking every attachment that we can to buff hip-fire accuracy and we're going avoid those attachments that would penalize this characteristic. The key to making this build work is a little more complex, I mean in one sense it's not, it's obvious: use hip-fire more and police your instincts to ADS. But knowing when to do this (because you should at some distances begin to ADS) and knowing how hip-fire play should influence your movement is harder.

With hip-fire play you want to keep a few things in mind - always be moving, mobility is your biggest advantage with hip-fire, and don't spam reload, you'll be using more ammo to take people down but don't let yourself be caught out reloading needlessly after 5 shots.

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