BOCW Season 5: Map Guide for Slums from Black Ops 2

Bocw slums season 5
What's going on in the new BOCW version of Black Ops 2's Slums multiplayer map? | © Activision

Slums is making a return in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Season 5, and fans are pretty excited. This classic Black Ops 2 map, set in Panama City Slums was a rather small but nice map, with a wide-open central square that acted as the map's centerpiece. In this article, we take a look at BO2 Slums in BOCW, what Slums will be like in this upgraded version, and a few tips and tricks for Slums in BOCW Season 5. Here is our BOCW Slums Map Guide...

Before we break down the map for you, we want to simply give you an overview of Slums from Black Ops 2. Slums was a small multiplayer map featured in BO2, and was also remastered for BO3, BO4, and Call of Duty: Mobile. Thus, it might seem a little bit obsolete to produce a map guide for the Black Ops Cold War version of this map – if you have played many past-CoD games, then chances are that you have played Slums. Who cares, though, right? Our BOCW Slums Map Guide is here!

Are you hyped for BOCW Season 5? Are you excited to play the new BO2 Slum remake in BOCW? What else is coming? Well, let's get you up-to-date on everything Season 5!


BOCW Slums Map Guide: The Map

Slums is a small map set in a slum town in Panama City. It is one of fourteen maps featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, where Slums made its debut in 2012. It consists mostly of short and narrow alleyways, with a central courtyard making up the map's center-piece. The courtyard, which features a statue, is where a lot of the map's engagements will take place. Here is an aerial view of the original map in Black Ops 2:

Bo2 slums map
This is an aerial view of Slums in Black Ops 2, and can be used as a map. | © Activision via Call of Duty Wiki

Please keep in mind, of course, that this is the Black Ops 2 version – as of writing, BOCW Slums is yet to be released. We will update this article once Black Ops Cold War Season 5 goes live on August 12, and we have been able to check the map's remake out.

BOCW Slums Map Guide: Gameplay Overview & Tactics

BOCW Slums can be played both at range and in close-quarters, but generally favors close-quarters combat due to the map's narrow alleyways and short paths. In the original Black Ops 2 version of Slums, most fighting took place on the main street and in the central-square, which acts as a kind-of centerpiece of the map. The square is especially useful for snipers, who often dominated that particular area of the map. There was also a small shop in which players liked to camp.

We recommend primarily Assault Rifles and SMG's in BOCW Slums, something with a shorter TTK, like the C58. This is because the map is so narrow, and engagements are generally very short, swift, and deadly. You want something that allows maneuverability, and you cannot underappreciate the importance of a good melee weapon to help you out when you get close-up and dirty with your opponents. In addition, try to avoid the central-square where you can. You're a sitting duck out there.

Please keep in mind that, as we literally just said, this guide is purely based on the Black Ops 2 version of Slums. We will update this article once BOCW Slums is available, and once we have had a chance to get our hands on it. The map will become available as part of Black Ops Cold War Season 5, on August 12.

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