BOCW & Warzone Season 5 Trailer Reveals New Operator & Stitch's Plan

Bocw warzone season 5 trailer
It's almost time for Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Season 5. Here's the first trailer! | © Activision

Activision have released the BOCW and Warzone Season 5 Intro Cinematic, featuring a new Operator and the final stages of Stitch's plan. We take a look at the new BOCW and Warzone Season 5 Cinematic Trailer, what it means for Season 5, and a few theories about the new season.

Things don't get much more cryptic than a Call of Duty trailer these days. Honestly, if you don't follow the lore incredibly closely, play the game intensely, and watch every little piece of story content that comes out of the developers, you're going to be utterly lost. Seriously: I cover these games for a living, and even I am left stumped at times. Anyway, the BOCW and Warzone Season 5 Intro Cinematic is here, and there are a couple of revelations to be uncovered...

The BOCW and Warzone Season 5 reveals a new operative, and the next phase in Stitch's plan. Check out the trailer, but first, catch yourself up on everything Call of Duty. Here's everything you need to get the job done.

BOCW & Warzone Season 5 Intro Cinematic Trailer

The BOCW and Warzone Season 5 Intro Cinematic plays out as a heist, with Stitch launching the final stages of his plan to great success. The bloody Russians! Look, we won't go into detail – you have eyes, watch the game for goodness' sake. I am not even going to warrant this idiocy with an exclamation mark. You don't need to be reading this paragraph. Seriously. Just watch the trailer and then read about our predictions. Come on. Do it.

Does the BOCW & Warzone Season 5 Trailer Reveal the New Operator?

Not much is really known about the new Operator in BOCW and Warzone Season 5, but she seems to be featured pretty strongly in the trailer, as well as on the Season 5 promotional material. We imagine that more than one Operator will grace us with their presence in Season 5, so don't expect this hacker to be alone in the new season. What you can expect, though, is some cool hacking action in the upcoming Season, and perhaps some kind of indoctrination system – as is shown in the trailer!

The BOCW and Warzone Season 5 Cinematic Trailer is a pretty impressive affair, showing of the final stages of Stitch's plan, and a pretty impressive fight scene. The new operator looks pretty cool, especially as she hacks her way through the computer systems to get the data that was teased in last week's teaser trailer. It is all very cryptic... but that doesn't stop it from being awesome!

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