BOCW & Warzone: Swiss K31, Carv.2, AMP63, PPSH-41 in Season 3

Warzone season 3 all new weapons
The PPSH-41, the Swiss K31, the CARV.2, the AMP 63, and more! There are many new weapons in Season 3... (Credit: Activision)

With the release of Warzone and Black Ops Cold War Season 3 just around the corner, Activision have released a roadmap revealing the new guns to come with the new season. What are the Swiss K31, Carv.2, AMP 63 and PPSH-41, and how do you unlock them?

Season 3 might not be out yet, but that doesn't stop us from letting you know exactly how you can unlock the new weapons in Black Ops Cold War and Warzone. Pay attention, tune in, have some fun, eat a pizza, and don't forget that Mountain Dew. This Season's gonna be a bumpy ride!

BOCW Season 3 Roadmap
Here we have the Season 3 Roadmap for BOCW and Warzone. Now, this is going to be a big one! (Credit: Activision)

BOCW & Warzone Season 3: Swiss K31

What is the Swiss K31?

The Swiss K31 is a bolt-action Sniper Rifle with significantly high damage, and some pretty excellent speed. It has fantastic accuracy as well, and fantastic ammo capacity. All in all, "fantastic" is the best word to describe the Swiss K31. That's why we keep using it.

How to Unlock the Swiss K31

To unlock the Swiss K31, you need to reach Tier 31 in the Season 3 Battle Pass. Sounds super achievable, to be honest, and we are looking forward to diving into Warzone and owning more than Trump owned Hillary in 2016.

BOCW & Warzone Season 3: Carv.2

What is the Carv.2?

The Carv.2 is a burst fire tactical rifle which features high damage, high bullet velocity and solid recoil control. Oh, and did we mention the ammunition? This thing is solid as Dwayne Johnson's the Rock. Catch my drift?

How to Unlock the Carv.2

It is uncertain, as of writing, when and how the Carv.2 will enter Warzone and Black Ops Cold War in Season 3. It has not yet been announced exactly when it will be introduced, just that it will be introduced. When it does, though, boy this bad-boy's gonna carve a space of its own (we're funny).

BOCW Warzone Season 3 Wraith
Are you as pumped for BOCW and Warzone Season 3 as we are? (Credit: Activision)

BOCW & Warzone Season 3: AMP 63

What is the AMP 63?

The AMP 63 is a new pistol joining the Warzone and BOCW arsenal in Season 3. It will be the fourth to enter Black Ops Cold War, and is halfway between a self-loading pistol, and an SMG. It's going to be pretty nasty, if you ask us. Pretty... nasty. We love the AMP 63 already.

How to Unlock the AMP 63

Just like the Carv.2, the AMP 63 will not be out as soon as Season 3 arrives. Thus, we are not really sure the answer to this question. We assume, though, that we will find out soon, and that when the AMP 63 arrives, it will really amp up the action. Seriously, we have to stop with these jokes...

BOCW & Warzone Season 3: PPSH-41

What is the PPSH-41?

The PPSH-41 is an insanely fast SMG that will be available in both Warzone and Black Ops Cold War's multiplayer. It has some fabulous damage per shot, a great fire rate, high capacity mags, and is made in good ol' Russia. The Russians sure as hell know how to make a good weapon, so bow down, pray to Mother Russia, and enjoy the PPSH-41.

How to Unlock the PPSH-41

You can unlock the PPSH-41 by reaching Tier 15 of the Season 3 Battle Pass. As we have already said, it is available in both Black Ops Cold War and Warzone. Seriously, though, Tier 15 for this bad-boy? That's pretty fabulous. Enjoy the PPSH-41. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. I'm off to eat pizza now.


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