Call of Duty Player Of The Month, June: JGOD

JGOD is one of the most fantastic analysts of the game | © Activision & JGOD's Youtube

In our continuing series on Call of Duty's Player of the Month, we present this month's winner: JGOD. His ongoing work as a tournament commentator and with the 'Spectating Solos Series', has been an absolute hit with the community, and it's one of the many reasons we've crowned him this month's Player of the Month.

While JGOD isn't a pro–player, he's easily one of the most beloved members of the community for how much quality content he produces as the game's premier analyst. His ability to read a game, and to read players during the action is unmatched. Besides his live analysis of play, though, JGOD is also able to predict patterns in the highest level of the game. For this reason, he's looked towards more than any single figure in the community during times of strife within the meta. If we haven't persuaded you already, then keep reading.

Who Is JGOD?

JGOD is a Call of Duty analyst with a hugely popular YouTube channel, he also commentates professionally, as he did recently for Warzone Mania. JGOD began producing content in 2017, and back then, focused more on guides - the right weapon setups, multiplayer tips, and such - but since Warzone's release, he's been focusing primarily on the BR. And more so than his guides, JGOD has become popular as an analyst; he has an incredible game sense and can evaluate plays moment by moment.

Like keeping up to speed with all things Season 4? So do we, here's a few of the new additions in case you missed anything:

Why Is JGOD Player Of The Month?

JGOD is our Call of Duty Player of the Month because content creators like him are the glue that binds the community together. Not only is his stuff fantastically entertaining, but it's through his commentary that players can feel like they're part of a community, a community with its own ongoing conversations. It's JGOD that so many players listen to on their way home before making a metaclass he's identified, or talking with their friends about balance issues he might have raised. But as we say, he's also just a phenomenal analyst.

To get a sense of how good of an analyst JGOD is, you should watch some of his spectating series, in which he joins a game but not to play himself, instead he just spectates other players to give you completely authentic examples of good or bad play. Here's a particularly good video from the spectating series:

He's got loads of great content like that, so head over and check him out on his main channel for hours of entertainment.

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