Call of Duty: Vanguard Beta - Update

Vanguard Open Beta
Sledgehammer have promised that changes and updates will drop throughout the beta | © Activision Blizzard

The Call of Duty: Vanguard beta began on Friday, September 10. The devs have been responding to feedback and pushing updates since the start. Here are all the balance changes, bug fixes, and playlist updates that Sledgehammer has been implementing throughout the beta.

In case you weren't aware, the beta is updated at 13:00 ET (18:00 BST, 19:00 CEST) each day. You'll find the details of each update beneath.

The CoD: Vanguard Beta - Day 8 / Xbox & PC Early Access (September 17):

  • Removed:
    • Search and Destroy
    • Team Deathmatch
  • Added:
    • Quickplay Filtering

The CoD: Vanguard Beta - Day 7 / Xbox & PC Early Access (September 16):

  • The servers opened up and we had these playlists:
    • Search and Destroy
    • Team Deathmatch
    • Champion Hill Duos
    • Quickplay (Patrol, Kill Confirmed, Domination, and TDM on Tactical)
  • We also got to try out one new map called The Eagle's Nest, which is a small three-laner set in a villa atop a mountain.

The CoD: Vanguard Beta - Day 4-6 / PlayStation Early Access (September 13-15):

  • The servers are down while they work on implementing feedback. Servers are planned to open back up on Thursday, September 16 at 13:00 ET (18:00 BST, 19:00 CEST).

The CoD: Vanguard Beta - Day 3 / PlayStation Early Access (September 12)

From Sledgehammer themselves:

The CoD: Vanguard Beta - Day 2 / PlayStation Early Access (September 11)

  • Added:
    • 'Blitz' - 14 players a side on TDM, Domination, Patrol, & Kill Confirmed.
  • A patch was deployed to fix spawning logic in Patrol.
  • The Player Level cap has risen to 30.

The CoD: Vanguard Beta - Day 1 / PlayStation Early Access (September 10)

  • We can play the following modes:
    • Team Deathmatch
    • Kill Confirmed
    • Patrol
    • Domination
    • Champion Hill Duos or Trios
  • We can play the following maps:
    • Red Star (mid-large, snowy Russian city - heavily bombed)
    • Gavutu (A classic CoD three-laner set in the Pacific)
    • Hotel Royal (tight corridor play in a Parisina hotel - the most intense of the three)
  • The weapons are capped at level 30, and the player level is capped at 20.

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Is There A Meta In Vanguard?

From what we've played so far the meta loadout will look something like this:

  • Primary Weapon: STG44 / MP40 / MG42 / NZ41 / Kar98k
  • Secondary Weapon: Machine Pistol / Panzerschreck
  • Lethal: Thermite
  • Tactical: Stuns
  • Perk 1: Ghost / Fortified
  • Perk 2: Radar / Tracker
  • Perk 3: Demolition / Overkill
  • Field Upgrade: Armour Plates

The weapons, equipment, and field upgrades have been feeling great, but we're sure there are still more unlocks we haven't seen yet. So expect the above meta speculation to change over time.

We can say that a lot of these weapons seem well balanced - the SMGs are only dominant where they should be, the LMGs are still rewarding if you play patiently, the ARs have enough felt recoil, etc.

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