Call of Duty: Vanguard Hacks Announced Ahead Of The Beta

Call of Duty: Vanguard just finished its first round of playtesting, and yet already, cheats and hacks for the upcoming beta weekend have been announced. So to anyone left asking: will be there be cheats and hacks for CoD: Vanguard? Yes, there absolutely will be!

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Shortly after the end of CoD: Vanguard's alpha weekend, various cheat and hack providers announced the first products for this game. You can check out what new tricks are going to have you throwing controllers and smashing keyboards beneath.

Call of Duty: Vanguard Hacks

The cheat provider IWANTCHEATS has already announced Aimbots, ESP features such as wallhacks, radar hacks, and more for the beta. But, what does that mean? What advantages can the paying gamers buy?

Vanguard Aimbot Cheats

An Aimbot automatically switches to opposing players in the field of view. As long as you look in the approximate direction of the target, you can't miss. This Aimbot offers various settings options to give the player extra customization, and crucially, the option to make the aimbot as inconspicuous as possible. For example: maximum distance, recoil control, locking speed and much more can be individually adjusted. So you can make your aimbot only work within 50m for instance, if you want to disguise your cheating.

Vanguard Wallhack & ESP Features

ESP features provide players with all the information they could ever want. It's effectively the intel tool, it doesn't change how you move or shoot, but it gives you a huge advantage. Depending on the settings, players and vehicles can be made visible through walls, for example. And if you want, you can display the life bars and even the hitboxes of opponents, and see which weapons they have equipped. Here, too, individual settings can be adjusted as desired.

Vanguard Radar Hack

The radar hack allows you to customize the minimap. Size, position, color, and type of information displayed ... Everything can be adjusted as you wish. Of course, opponents are always marked here, so heartbeat sensors or spy planes are going to be completely pointless for hackers.

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CoD: Vanguard hacks offer everything a cheater could wish for, and it's ready to go before the game has even been released. The only hope left for players who bet on fair play is the upcoming anti-cheat system, which Vanguard will also introduce into Warzone. If you're on PlayStation, you can always disable crossplay, but Xbox players don't have this option.

Let's hope the new anti-cheat can do something because here's what the cheat providers are boasting:

Our developers have got used to working against the COD anti-cheat and we are confident that we can bypass it in the foreseeable future, provided there are no unexpected drastic developments.

This weekend's beta playtesting is PlayStation only, so we need to wait until PC players join next weekend to know if there will be a bad cheating problem in Vanguard. We'll update you when we know more.

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