Call of Duty: Player Of The Month September 2021 – Wagnificent

Today we present our newest Player of the Month for Call of Duty. The still rather small Warzone streamer has skills that even the big guys can only dream of and he absolutely slaps in the hardcore mode Iron Trials. So here is the current EarlyGame Player of the Month: Wagnificent!
Co D Pot M Wagnificent
Wagnificent has some weird stats in Iron Trials. | © Activision & Nick Wagner

At the end of each month, we present our personal Player of the Month. We've already honored a lot of the biggest names in the scene like Aydan, JGOD, and ZLaner, but today we have a smaller streamer. With just over 100,000 followers on Twitch, he's not completely unknown but isn't quite at Nick Mercs level yet either. So why are we giving him the title of Player of the Month this month?

Who Is Wagnificent?

Wagnificent's real name is Nick Wagner, who's 25, and from Cleveland. He started streaming relatively late, in 2018 to be precise. And in the summer of 2020, he became a Twitch partner. He almost exclusively streams Warzone and is extremely successful at that. Anyone who has seen Wagnificent in the stream knows how engaging the streamer can be. He always spreads a good mood and sometimes helps a random teammate to celebrate his first victory in Warzone. Just take a look at this clip, in which he helps an obviously very young player to get his first Warzone win.

We love that attitude so much, and we can only say we hope to see more of it.

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Why Is Wagnificent Player Of The Month?

If the clip above has not convinced you yet, his skills can certainly do so. He's not just a good Warzone player. Since the new and extremely competitive Iron Trials mode was available in Warzone, Wagnificent has really blossomed. Up until a few days ago, he had the most wins and kills in Iron Trials. Check out his stats.

In the last few hours, he's slipped to second place in the kills, but still has one of the highest win rates and with 130 wins the most wins among the top 100. His K/D is also pretty decent. In all honesty, a lot of players are happy about a K/D over 1, but Wagnificent is at a mind-blowing 9.7! Anyone who has tried Iron Trials themselves knows how tough the mode is. Less time, no free loadouts, more expensive killstreaks, and increased player health. Anyone who goes crazy despite all these handicaps deserves our respect. The fact that he also helps younger players win is the cherry on the icing.

Anyway, we're celebrating Wagnificent, and his incredible skills. So go check out his channels:

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