Captain Price is Coming to BOCW & Warzone Season 3

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Captain Price is joining Warzone and BOCW. It's time to break out the cigars! (Credit: Activision)

Captain Price is jumping into Black Ops Cold War and Warzone in Season 3 as an Operator Skin. With the new Season just around the corner, the BOCW and Warzone Season 3 roadmap revealed a lot. How much will Captain Price cost, and what are the juicy details?

You heard us right: Black Ops Cold War is getting a character that doesn't suck more than... let's not go there. Captain Price is coming to Black Ops Cold War and Warzone, and we couldn't be more excited. Seriously, this cigar-smoking, head-clickin' maniac has already found a place in our hearts... and now in Season 3.

It's an unexpected addition, but a well deserved one. Simply with Captain Price's presence, Black Ops Cold War would have been just a tad more sufferable. Not much more, just a tad. But a tad nonetheless. That's worth something. Here are the details..

How Much Does Captain Price Cost?

In BOCW and Warzone Season 3, Captain Price will cost the lofty price of nothing. That's right, Captain Price will be free when Season 3 launches, for anyone who plays Black Ops Cold War. That includes people who just own the base-game, with no additional microtransactions necessary. Activision are feeling generous! What a surprise.

Anyway, Captain Price...sorry... Season 3 will launch on Thursday, April 22. Warzone will be getting its delicious slice of Nuke Event sandwich on April 21, and we are all excited. Oh, you can also download the Season 3 update at 9PM PT on April 20, ready to jump in as soon as you want.

How To Get Captain Price in Season 3

To get Captain Price, all you need to do is log in after the Season 3 update goes live in Black Ops Cold War, and you will automatically pick it up. That goes the same for Warzone.

In the wise words of Justin D. Bieber: Yummy.


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