CoD Player of the Month: Aydan

Pot M Aydan
Aydan is the highest earning Warzone Player! (Credit: Activision / NYSL)

Today, we begin our Call of Duty Player of the Month series, where we always present you with a selected Warzone streamer or Call of Duty Pro at the end of each and every month. Today, we are talking about the world-famous and highest earning Warzone player: Aydan.

Are you interested in Call of Duty and have already played Warzone, or at least have seen some videos about it? Well, then you probably already know Aydan. If not, here's a short overview...

Who is Aydan?

Aydan Conrad is a former Fortnite player who switched to Warzone in 2020. He recently replaced fellow streamer HusKerrs as the top earner in Warzone.

Aydan started his career with Call of Duty before taking off with Fortnite. He was briefly a member of FaZe Clan before moving to Ghost Gaming, where he made a name for himself as a controller player. He got his first big break when he was able to top NICKMERCS four times in a row during the Fortnite Summer Skirmish. With the release of Warzone, and the incredible success of the game, Aydan switched back to Call of Duty in 2020.

As of March 17, Aydan has signed on with the New York Subliners (one of the 12 Call of Duty League teams) as a Content Creator.

If you want to follow Aydan, here are the best channels for you:

Why Is Aydan Our Player of the Month for April?

To be honest, we're cheating a bit here... But then again, it's the first part of our series. Aydan is actually our Player of the last 1.5 Month. In mid-March of this year, Aydan snatched the title of the highest earning Warzone player, which he holds to this day. The Mina Mendes tournament at the time catapulted him over the magical mark of $140,000 in prize money.

On top of that, he was signed by the New York Subliners shortly after, on March 17. So now he is part of one of the best Call of Duty teams in the world – the team of CoD legend Clayster.

Oh, and in case you didn't catch it, Aydan just turned 22 and got probably the coolest birthday present ever from his new organization:

What do you think? For us, that's enough for the EarlyGame Player of the Month Award! Which Warzone or CDL Pro would you like to see as the next Player of the Month, in May? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter!

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This article was originally written by Lukas Ballat, and translated from German.