CoD Pro Jailed For Murder of Fellow Player

Last year Cod mobile pro and 19-year-old Ingrid "SOL” Oliveira Bueno da Silva was brutally murdered by another player, Guilherme “Flash Asmodeus” Alves Costa. Now he will face over 10-years in jail.

Sol cod mobile
Remember this she was only 19-years-old. | © Sol

A former Call of Duty: mobile pro player has been sentenced to 14-years in prison. On August 15, a court jury in São Paulo found Guilherme “Flash Asmodeus” Alves Costa guilty of aggravated murder.

Not only did he murder 19-year-old pro player Ingrid "SOL” Oliveira Bueno da Silva, but he also filmed it and then took that footage to his friends to show them what he had done. This footage was proof enough for him to get convicted and imprisoned for the next 14-years.

Trigger Warning: Descriptions of Aggravated Murder below.

Player Sentenced to 14-Years for Murder

According to the case, Alves Costa lured the 19-year-old CoD pro (at the time playing for Fantastic Brazil Impact) to his home on February 22, 2021.

Once she was in his home he attacked her in his bedroom with a weapon, consequently murdering her. In the video footage he took, the victim is seen on the floor in a pool of blood with what appeared to bea sword in her stomach.

In a description of the video Alves Costa was heard chuckling as he filmed the bloody scene and could be heard saying "Look, how wonderful."

After the murder, Alves Costa sent the video to his team and turned himself in to the authorities, stating that he had "wanted to do it". There was no other motive that Alves Costa gave and while his defense team is trying to get him out of prison, the prosecutor's office opposes this, since it was concluded in April 2021 that he did not have any mental health issues.

In a statement to the Mirror Oliveira Bueno da Silva's former team FBI sent out a statement:

She was an excellent player, she had a space in our hearts. She was an extraordinary person, always motivating us and believing. We owe her and her family our utmost respect and our condolences