CoD: Vanguard PS4 vs PS5 Features

PS4 vs PS5 Vanguard
Is it time to upgrade? | © Sony & Activision Blizzard

With Call of Duty: Vanguard set for release in a few short months, fans are beginning to ask the practical questions - is a next-gen upgrade worth it for this year's CoD? What are the FPS rates on PS5 and PS4? And will there be a FOV slider on PS5?

The Call of Duty: Vanguard alpha was impressive in many regards. Especially on PS5. Fans know that the experience will be better on a new system, but they're beginning to ask: just how much better?

We've broken down the key differences beneath, but bear in mind, if you're a Warzone player, then there's already a good reason to upgrade with 120 FPS available exclusively on PS5. Vanguard might bring even more new features to PS5 though...

Comparing CoD: Vanguard On PS4 & PS5

Here are the major things we're looking out for between the two:

  • FOV Slider: One of the biggest talking points in the community, will console get an FOV slider? Well, in BOCW, we did, and while that feature never came to Warzone, it might this year. In the base game of Vanguard, we should surely get this feature, but in Vanguard's alpha build, it wasn't there. More details on this point can be found below.
  • FPS: The PS5 is already putting out Warzone in 120 FPS, and we can expect the same from Vanguard. The PS4 will remain capped at 30.
  • Loading Times: This is one of the PS5's big advantages. With an SSD rather than a traditional HDD, the PS5 is capable of much faster load times than the PS4 and this will also be true of Vanguard.
  • Resolution: The PS5 is capable of 4k gaming, but so far, Call of Duty is only available in 4k on PC. Now, this could change before release, but the alpha build of Vanguard was the same for both consoles at least - no 4k for PS5 or PS4.
  • Crossplay: Crossplay has been confirmed between PS4 and PS5.
  • Player Count: The PS4 and PS5 will continue to share the same max player size per lobby - 150.
  • Content: As far as we know so far, both PS4 and PS5 are going to be getting the same level of content with CoD: Vanguard. This means the same maps, the same weapons, and the same campaign.

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When Will We Know About A FOV Slider For Consoles?

The beta build might have an FOV-slider, but we will need to wait until September 10th for that event. On the opening weekend, the beta is only available for PlayStation users, but other platforms will get their turn the following week.

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