CoD: Vanguard's Warzone Reveal - The Battle Of Verdansk

Vanguar Reveal
It was trains and planes all night | © Activision Blizzard

Call of Duty: Vanguard is experiencing its moment in the sun. The reveal event for Vanguard just took place in Warzone - 'The Battle Of Verdansk', and it was a great way to show off the new game. Here's what happened and what we learned about Call of Duty: Vanguard.

The community was collectively stroking their beards yesterday and wondering what the hell this event would be. A long time ago data miners told us it would involve planes, more recently we were convinced it would involve trains. And as late as the morning of the event, fans began questioning whether paratroopers would be involved.

Well dear reader, for those of you unfortunately not able to get online at the time of the reveal, we've got you covered. Here's what actually happened at the Call of Duty: Vanguard reveal.

What Happened In The Vanguard Reveal Event?

Here's a minute by minute play of my experience:

  • A playlist update hit the servers at 19:30 and showed a new game mode - The Battle Of Verdansk.
  • It took an unusually long time to load into the game. It actually re-queued me multiple times.
  • It filled the squad to 4 automatically. There were only 32 players in the lobby.
  • The loading screen told us to stick together, target the turrets, and destroy the train.
  • There was a strong sepia tone filter when I loaded in.
  • Everyone was friendly so we couldn't kill each other in pre-game.
  • When the game began we were told to drop at the entrance to the train tunnel (there was a 'parachute here' indicator) and lay an ambush with TNT.
  • We had RPGs
  • Once we laid the C4 an animation showed an armored train leaving a station a few km away.
  • Vehicles enabled.
  • The event allowed seemingly limitless respawns.
  • Reaching 30,000 damage forced the train to stop. It would then increase the maximum by 15,000. And once you got to 45,000 it would stop again, and so on and so forth. Forcing you to do 15,000 damage each time to force a stop.
  • Doing enough damage to the turrets above a carriage would eventually destroy that one carriage completely.
  • We had to destroy 7 carriages, each with two turrets.
  • At one point the train did a brutal cluster strike on us.
  • After about 12 minutes of constant fire, we destroyed the train and a blue victory banner spread across the screen reading the words train destroyed.
  • A short animation showed thousands of bombers filling the sky above us.
  • Then we cut back to the action, and we had to run about 150m away to an exfil point.
  • On the way, I was bombarded and lost my weapon. I was bombarded again before making it to exfil and the Trailer began.

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