CoD: Vanguard Story Trailer Revealed

The CoD: Vanguard story trailer has been revealed! What does the trailer tell us about Vanguard's campaign and operators?

CoD: Vanguard Story Trailer
Now we have more info about Vanguard's campaign! | © Activision

Less than a month before the release, the official CoD: Vanguard story trailer has just been released. We already tested the multiplayer in detail in the beta, but not much was known about the campaign – until now. The new story trailer gives first insights into the campaign and confirms our experiences from the multiplayer beta – CoD: Vanguard will be damn brutal.

Before we start with the trailer, you can find everything about the multiplayer beta of CoD: Vanguard here:

CoD: Vanguard Story Trailer

Finally, the official story trailer for Vanguard is here and gives us first insights into the campaign of the upcoming WW2-Call of Duty. The trailer introduces us to various operators and explains the starting point of the campaign, which, as it seems, does not depict the usual course of the Second World War, but starts much later. But before we dive into the details, check out the trailer for yourself:

What is Vanguards Story About?

The trailer is narrated by operator Arthur Kingsley, who has been given the task of leading a team of special forces for a top-secret mission. The team forms the Vanguard, hence the name, and consists of the following operators:

  • Arthur Kingsley: British soldier tasked with leading Task Force One.
  • Lucas Riggs: Australian soldier and explosives expert who seems to have problems with authority....
  • Wade Jackson: American soldier and damn good pilot.
  • Polina Petrova: Soviet soldier and the best sniper in Russia.
  • Richard Webb: British soldier and right-hand to Kingsley.

The story of Vanguard seems to begin near the end of World War II, as Kingsley is not assigned to lead the elite force until 1944. With Berlin in flames and the Third Reich seemingly on the brink of destruction, antagonist Heinrich Freisinger is making plans for a Fourth Reich. The mission of Task Force One is to uncover and prevent these plans.

The trailer shows us the different locations of CoD: Vanguard in Europe, Africa, Russia and the Pacific in spectacular images. In all likelihood, we as players will slip into the role of one of the Task Force One members in each of the different theaters of war and try to prevent the Fourth Reich.

What we already noticed in the multiplayer beta and is now also shown in the story trailer is how brutal CoD: Vanguard is. Heads explode, limbs are severed and blood splatters like in a slasher horror movie. Even though this brutality naturally contributes to the gruesome atmosphere of the Second World War, we are curious if it won't be too much at some point or if it will simply seem exaggerated and ridiculous in the end...

What do you think of CoD: Vanguard's story trailer? Do you like campaigns or do you only play the multiplayer anyway?

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