CoD Warzone Guide: New Airport Bunker

Co D Warzone Airport Bunker Crashsite
We're not yet sure what on earth caused this giant hole in the runway - but we want to find out! (Image Credit: Activision)

Bunkers in Call of Duty: Warzone are an amazing way to get good loot, divulge in the mysteries of Verdansk and get to know the map better. Now with the launch of Season 1 on December 16, a big new bunker has opened in the center of the map! We were there to take a look and will give you some neat tips and tricks...

Season 1 has brought many great aspects of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War to the rolling hills of Verdansk. Warzone has never been better, although weapon nerfs have been a mixed bag! Floating into battle, you may notice something a tad different though – that gaping hole on the airport runway!

Co D Warzone Airport Bunker Entrance
Activision, that's a bloody big hole! What have you done!? (Image Credit: Activision)

What on earth happened here? It looks like a bloody meteorite hit the tarmac... or some kind of missile...? If it was a plane crash, we don’t expect anybody survived, that’s for sure! There have been rumors for a while that there is a lot to discover beneath Verdansk, and now we are starting to get a bit of insight.

So, where is this new bunker!?

Mate, we already dropped the hint in the title: The bunker is at the airport, and you can actually see it on the map! It’s in the north-west of Verdansk, at the base of the mountains. The hole is on the runway, east of the control tower, so we recommend gliding in when you are dropped at the start of the match, as this is the ideal way to get in.

Co D Warzone Airport Map
Glide towards the airport and you'll notice the giant hole in the runway! This is where you need to go. (Image Credit: Activision)

Just a couple of warnings if you take this approach: keep in mind that this is a new bunker! Everybody will be wanting to explore this crash... um, whatever this is. Keep an eye out for other players heading to the same spot, and when you are exploring the bunker, make sure to stay alert to avoid entering an early grave!

What’s in the bunker? Is it worth the hassle?

Yes. It’s worth the hassle. There's too much stuff in here to even list, it is choc-a-block full of all sorts of pick-ups! To get in, it's just a matter of dropping through the hole and starting to explore, so just be careful not to take any fall damage and get to exploring!

There is a ton of loot to uncover here, some crates to open and fill your pockets with, and... JUST. SO. MANY. MYSTERIES... We just need to stress again: Though it’s totally worth the hassle, be super careful and don’t get yourself shot.


There are an unbelievable number of different mysteries and possible spots for new easter eggs and content in Airport Bunker. One that is obvious to anyone who has played Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War – this bunker is totally the KGB headquarters from Cold War’s campaign. Or at least super similar! But what else?

There is a blocked door that leads into a dark room, lit by the red light of an elevator. You can see the room through the glass – will this be opened up? What mysteries might be unearthed if we get access to that elevator? We want to know!

Co D Warzone Airport Bunker Elevator
The mysterious Red Elevator in Airport Bunker... (Image Credit: Activision)

One of the rooms hints at the widely theorized Nuke event that might be coming up. You all remember the big nuke in the mysterious Bunker 11? Or the one from Park Bunker? Well, this room in the new Airport Bunker clearly is showing off the nuke from Bunker 11...scary. Oh, who are we kidding? We can’t wait to find out what all this is about!

Co D Warzone Airport Bunker Nukes
These computer monitors show a giant nuke, which is absolutely frightening! (Image Credit: Activision)

The Russians have been up to no good again, with this room full of Nova 6 gas containers!

Co D Warzone Airport Bunker Nova 6
What are the Russians going to do with all of this Nova 6? We want to know! (Image Credit: Activision)

And what's this...? Perhaps another Bunker 11 situation? A new red phone!

Co D Warzone Airport Bunker Red Phone
We loved Bunker 11, and the epic quest it took to gain access - could this hint at something similar in the future? (Image Credit: Activision)

When all is said and done, we are just happy to get new content for such a great game! Airport Bunker is vast and, unusually for a bunker, we cannot list EVERYTHING that it contains. All we can say is that it is super full of goodies, secrets and again: be bloody careful if you intend to explore it!


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