CoD Warzone: Farmland Bunker R Code and Guide

Warzone Farmland Bunker
Warzone's Farmland Bunker resides in a beautiful farming community in the map's eastern region. (Credit: Activision)

As Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War was slowly revealed, Warzone began to fill with various teaser images and codes for different bunkers across the map. Whilst that hype is over – Cold War is out and KILLING IT – the bunkers still stand strong as one of the best ways to find and collect rare and legendary loot in Call of Duty Warzone.

Farmland Bunker is a bit of a different bunker. Officially labelled as a ‘Room’ (hence R), it is hidden in the funky ol’ farmlands on the eastern edge of the map. For all you Drongo’s out there trying your best to win, take a moment for the beauty of this area... actually don’t, it’s just a farm there isn’t that much to see.

But check out our map to see where all the bunkers are in Warzone!

Warzone Bunker locations
Here is our map of Bunker locations in Call of Duty: Warzone! Use it as a reference whilst playing if you want. (Credit:

Amongst the rolling hills and orchards of Verdansk’s farmlands sits a house, residing in the center of a small village. Telegraph poles and picket fences galore, whoever owns this house must have quite a bit of money, as it’s pretty damn huge! We feel a bit sorry for the owner, though, as their lovely house is in a pretty serious hot zone (in short: be careful).

This forgotten shack holds some secrets unknown to many until the code was revealed a few months ago. Checking out your game map, you can identify it as the largest building in the village south-east of the stadium. It's beautiful interior holds many codes, clues and secret documents that you can investigate!

We are getting a bit ahead of ourselves, though, you need to make it there first...and input the keycode! Head south-east of the stadium, into a farmland filled with barns and sandy fields. As we mentioned above, the house is the biggest in this area of the map, and is surrounded by a number of other buildings.

This is one of the most desirable bunkers on the map, and one of the most frequented areas in Warzone, so remember to be careful. Look out for lone snipers in surrounding buildings, and other adventurers also looking to raid the bunker and take the loot for themselves – cheeky buggers!

Warzone Farmland Bunker 2
Be very, very careful when raiding the Farmland Bunker. It is one of the most dangerous in Warzone! (Credit: Activision)

Once you make it to the Farmland Bunker, you will find that the door is locked. You need to enter the Warzone Farmland Code, which is 49285163, and make your way inside (hopefully without being spotted by the enemy). Now you can unveil the unlocked mysteries within!

Curiously, the Farmland Bunker does not have that many treasures inside, especially when compared to some of the other bunkers or the stadium. That being said, it is full of interesting items to investigate, and the clues therein give you a better sense of the world you are playing in. You will be pleased, however, with the UAV you’ll find inside – perfect to help you make your escape!!


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