CoD Warzone: Park Bunker Tips and Tricks

Cod warzones park bunker burnt out car
Entrance to CoD Warzone's Park Bunker (Image Credit: Activision)

Getting into the 12 bunkers on Warzone’s map is a sure way to get yourself some of that sweet loot. We’re here to help out with your treasure hunting in this quick guide to the Park Bunker - just don’t forget about our cut of the loot!!

So first we need to start with the location! The Park Bunker is right at the bottom edge of the map, kind of in the middle. Head south until you reach the park and begin making your way through it until you are between the memorial and the sea. You are not looking for that unbelievably ugly building with all the columns, but RIGHT at the bottom edge of the map in some rocks. Try flying over, or take the coast road if you have any troubles finding it.

CoD park bunker
Right at the bottom-centre of the map hides Warzone's Park Bunker (Image Credit: Activision)

Once you’ve done hauling your butt down to the bottom of the map, you are going to need the keycode to get into the bunker! The keycode for Park Bunker is 60274513.

Check out our comprehensive guide to all the bunker codes below.

Inside, take a look around! There is some cool stuff in here like a model rocket on a desk, and lots of loot, but the real cool stuff is down a side corridor...

There's loads of loot in that first room, but if you follow the corridor you will reach another room with even more! BUT: what's with the giant nuclear missile!? Are the Soviets up to no good again?

The trickiest thing about Park (NUKE!) bunker is making your way there. Just remember: either fly in, head through the park, or go along the coast road. Near a van that has clearly had a rough life, the mother of all ugly buildings is squashed into some rocks - that's it. There's a ton of loot, but please - DON'T SET OFF THE NUKE!


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