CoD Warzone: Prison Hut H2 Access Code and Guide!

Warzone Prison Shack Bunker
Warzone's Prison Shack Bunker holds some pretty great loot! (Credit: Gamerjournalist)

Call of Duty Warzone has a multitude of super cool bunkers, filled to the brim with loot, clues and secrets. Whilst the Prison Hut in the south-west quadrant (H8) of Verdansk may not be your ‘classic’ bunker, it is certainly one of the most interesting!

Out of the 12 bunkers and shacks featured in Warzone, Prison Hut is one that has captured our curiosity, due to the several clues and hints featured inside! Who could forget that bizarre ‘Bish You Were Here’ Easter egg that was featured to hint at what we now know is Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War!?

Warzone Bish You Were Here
Prison Hut Bunker's 'Bish You Were Here' easter egg hinted at Black Ops Cold War. (Credit: pawntakespawn)

As for the Prison Hut itself, you can find it in the south-west of Verdansk in quadrant H8, a little west of the prison complex and south of the port! Obviously, it is also north of the ocean...

As its name suggests it looks like a hut – brown, drab, kind of rectangular. You can recognize it by the white door under the awning.

Check out this map for reference:

Warzon Prison Hut Map
Check out the little white dot to the west of Zordaya Prison! (Credit: Activision)

If you don’t get lost on your way there, then you’re going to need that access code! Input the code 72948531 and enter your new home. In the small room inside, you will see a couple computers, shelving units, but most importantly: a LEGENDARY CRATE! Where are you going to sleep, though?

It would be rude of us, however, to not offer you a warning: While Warzone's Prison Hut is pretty appealing, due to its interesting clues and the legendary crate, it is not without its drawbacks...

We warn you that the Prison Hut is a rather dangerous one for players seeking to investigate. Its location is only a tad west of the prison complex, and in a very wide-open area that's simply not ideal for players who are not looking to get shot. Additionally, the legendary crate IS appealing, thus attracting many other players to the area! So... just be careful, okay?

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