What Is Contextual Tap In Warzone?

Warzone – Contextual Tapping
'You're telling me I could've been using this for months now?' – Captain Price, probably. (Credit: Activision Blizzard)

Every Call of Duty: Warzone player looking through their settings should make sure to turn on Contextual Tap. With this feature, you'll be whizzing around Verdansk and not wasting a second, so keep reading!

Contextual Tap is nothing new, but a lot of players still don't realize how much of an advantage the right settings can give them. With Contextual Tap you don't need to hold down certain buttons to interact with the environment, instead, you just tap them. Saving those milliseconds might sound trivial, but that could be the difference between life and death.


What Is Contextual Tap?

Contextual Tap changes the behavior of the Use/Reload button (Square / X, by default) so that you will never need to hold it down, instead, you tap and it will choose the interact option if one is available, otherwise reloading. If you're beside a car, for instance, you will no longer hold down square/x to enter the vehicle, instead, you will just tap the button. If there is nothing nearby to interact with then you will reload instead.

How Do You Activate Contextual Tap?

Contextual Tap can be activated on PC, Xbox, and Playstation in the Settings menu; tab across to 'Controller Settings', scroll down to the 'Weapons' section, and change the option for 'Use / Reload Behaviour' – from 'Default' to 'Contextual Tap'. But, be aware that this is an option for controllers, so if you use keyboard and mouse instead then you'll gain nothing.

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