The DMR 14 Needs Nerfing in Warzone: Here's the Proof!

There's a lot to talk about when it comes to the DMR 14. (Credit: Activision)

It's no secret that the DMR 14 in Call of Duty: Warzone is a complete joke. Its insane power, combined with an insane range and versatility, has made it one of, if not the, most overpowered weapon in the game. There's no wonder that fans and critics alike a calling for a radical nerf.

A nerf such as that proposed would over-hall a game that many are saying is broken by this one single weapon. When a game is as powerful as this bloody thing, what can you possibly expect? Whilst we wait for the developers to finally get their s**t together and fix the b**tard, we're here to show you exactly why this nerf is so necessary!

BOCW DMR 14 Gallery
The DMR 14 continues to haunt Warzone, causing havoc wherever it goes. (Credit: Activision)

People are reporting single-shot kills and one player even a kill from 250 meters away. This is nuts! What were they thinking making a gun this powerful? Many are saying that the game is simply not as fun with all this chaos, and without a radical nerf very soon, people will begin leaving in droves.

It is thus, without further ado, that we provide a little light to the discussion. Warzone is still a fantastic game, with a fantastic community. It is only a matter of time until the DMR 14 will get nerfed, and in the meantime, it is time to enjoy ourselves with a couple of juicy, oh-so-juicy memes. We'll start off with a message from good ol' grandpa Bernie.

My disappointment is immeasurable, and my days have been ruined. from CODWarzone

On a less amusing note, here's how f**king inaccurate the hitboxes are for the DMR 14. This is such bulls**t, come on!

Worst Part of the DMR is the Inaccurate Hit Markers from CODWarzone

Some players are calling for Activision to take the DMR out of the game entirely until it is fixed, saying that it is so unfair that it should not be allowed to remain in the game at all. It's certainly more than just an arrow to the knee!

Saw this on Instagram, figured it definitely belonged here from CODWarzone

There are countless memes and videos circling Reddit about the state of Warzone pre-DMR nerf. So. About Warzone right now. Be warned, it can be painful to watch this happening to our beloved Battle-Royale!

Perfectly balanced, as all things should be from CODWarzone

To summarize, this weapon is OP as all hell. We have been campaigning for a while now to get this ridiculous problem fixed. The game is so unbalanced that we sometimes don't even feel like playing! And what are we going to play? Cyberpunk? You've gotta be kidding! F**k that! Activision, either remove the weapon entirely or nerf the damn thing, it's about time!

A couple of weeks later and we kind of regret writing that article. Tactical God our collective asses! More: tactical a**hole... Anyway, to close, we have an important statement from Boris Johnson about the state of Warzone at the moment:

People asking Boris Johnson to nerf the DMR lol from CODWarzone

Joking aside, stay safe out there! Warzone's still a great game, so instead of going out partying with your friends, try to deal with the pesky DMR 14 trollers, and instead stay safe and sound at home playing your video games. Take it easy!

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