DMR 14 Nerf finally here… but you won’t like it

Co D Warzone DMR 14
We asked for ONE thing and they mess it up. Wow... just wow. (Credit: Activision)

Yes, you read that correctly. The DMR 14 Nerf is finally here, after all of us have begged for it for ages… but here we are, Boo Boo the fool. Because that Nerf can't even be considered a proper Nerf. Here's what happened.

The DMR 14 Nerf has literally become a meme at this point - we even compiled the best DMR 14 memes to prove this point. Again and again, we asked for a Nerf for this overpowered Technical Rifle and now we finally got it… but then again... not really.


If you read this tweet very carefully, you’ll notice that only headshot damage and recoil have been nerfed… but it’s the freaking DMR 14. Headshot damage matters much less than body damage. And, you guessed it, that did not get a nerf.

So now, think back on how many times you shot someone in the head with the DMR 14 and how many times you just shot and hit any part of the enemy's body? Yes. You get our point.

Dmr 14 meme
This is everyone of us who thought that they'd actually listen to us for once. (Credit: Twitter)

The update came swiftly after the tweet, yet, we have to confirm that there is barely any difference. The recoil, okay, we'll accept that. The damage? Nope, still the same overpowered DMR 14 that it was before.

We’ve been waiting for this DMR 14 Nerf for so long and now we get it and it’s this… not cool, guys. Not cool.

Other Nerfs of the Update:

  • Type 63 - Reduced headshot damage, increased recoil
  • Mac-10 - Decreased headshot multiplier
  • Dual pistols - Increased hip-fire spread, decreased damage range

Since the community is already in an uproar about this, we hope that this DMR 14 mess will finally be fully fixed soon. But hoping for that will just make us look like clowns once more.

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