FARA 83 in Warzone Season 2: Unlocking, Loadout and Guide

BOCW Fara 83
Warzone will be receiving the FARA 83, a fully-automatic Assault Rifle, with Season 2. (Credit: Activision)

The recent reveal of the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War's Season 2 roadmap has taken the gaming world by storm, but what about the small guy? The FARA 83 looks to be a fantastic addition to Black Ops Cold War, and seeing as Warzone is now integrated, a fantastic addition to our favorite Battle Royale as well.

Whoever's been playing and following Warzone for the last two to three months will have just as mixed feelings as we do. The fantastic Battle Royale has been mired by cheating, bugs, and a misbalanced integration with Black Ops Cold War. A mess, really, perhaps a beautiful mess... (overused and outdated meme alert) but can Activision make Warzone great again?

Warzone Baton
There's still so much to come to Warzone... (Credit: Activision)

How do the latest announcements stack up, you may be asking? Well (obscure and random reference alert), if the Foo Fighters can make a solid return after a few disappointing albums, then why the hell can't Warzone? Season 2 certainly shapes up to be Warzone's Medicine At Midnight to Concrete and Gold (pretty solid as opposed to kind of disappointing)…

Okay, enough of the random references and overused brackets. What is the deal with the FARA 83, though? Well, the FARA 83 is the latest weapon to debut in both Cold War and Warzone. It's an Argentinian Assault Rifle, and perhaps a pretty fantastic addition to the experience. Let's just say, though: it better not be the next DMR, or we are OUT!

That wouldn't the best for us (that one didn't really work), but this fully-automatic has one of the fastest fire rates, intensely good aim, and great damage. So... yeah, it will be available once you reach level 15. That is, assuming that you have purchased the Season 2 Battle Pass.

How Do I Unlock This Bad Boy?

Dude, we already told you in the previous paragraph. Here's a layman's dot-point list for those of you who don't want to read full sentences...

  • Own Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War or Warzone.
  • Purchase the Battle Pass (usually like 1000 Coins).
  • Reach level 15.
  • Shoot people.
Foo fighters I dont deserve this

What Will Be the Best FARA 83 Loadout?

For goodness's sake, this is getting crazy. It's not in the game yet! But, yeah, we can actually answer that question... we are CoD experts, after all. The first thing that is important to note: the LC10 sub-machine gun has also been announced for Season 2. It's kind of boring, but we felt that we should probably mention it. Anyway, on with the FARA 83...

Treyarch have confirmed that the FARA 83 may be the next heavyweight in BOCW and Warzone, designed to perhaps rival the FFAR. Since the DMR and the LW3 Tundra have been nerfed, the FFAR has kind of risen in the ranks, but could the FARA 83 be the next top dog in town?

As Treyarch has said, the FARA 83 “can be a true force in crushing the opposition”, so we need to treat it with finesse. We foresee that we will need to treat it with love and respect, in a similar way to the FFAR. So that means increasing bullet velocity (maybe a 21.2” Ranger barrel?), a high-capacity magazine, and something like iron sights. That would keep its range, whilst optimizing it for close-quarters as well.

We hope that we have been at least of some help. The FARA 83 looks pretty awesome, and once it has graced our Warzone screens, we will definitely be writing a comprehensive setup guide for you. For now, we eagerly await Season 2...


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