Fastest Way To Parachute In Warzone

Fastest way to parachute inwarzone feature
Parachute skill is hugely important in Call of Duty: Warzone, dropping first can be everything. (Activision Blizzard)

Dropping quickly in Warzone can mean the difference between life and death, so check out these tips to parachute down faster than the competition!

If you land first then you'll get the chopper you're after, even if you're just looking for a proper weapon – that's huge when your enemies are helplessly floating above with a pistol. So don't be mistaken: parachuting is a core–skill in Warzone. Keep reading to find out how to do it properly.


What's The Fastest Way To Parachute In Warzone?

How you should parachute is going to depend on how far your target is from the flight path - so pick your target location early and follow these steps:

  • Choose a location with your teammates and make sure everyone drops there (unless you're running the two–chopper recon strat).
  • If your location is within two squares of the flight path then jump from 720m away, stay motionless for 1/3 of the flight time, and then dive for the final 2/3rds.
  • If your location is three to five map squares away from the flight path then jump, reach a speed of 50, cut your chute, immediately reopen your chute, reach 50 speed again and repeat.
  • For further distances, you'll need to open your chute quickly, stay gliding, and only cut for a dive when you can safely reach the target.

How Do You Shoot People When You Parachute?

Cut your chute on the way down to pull your pistol out, but better still - dive towards people and melee them for those sweet, sweet mid-air kills. Whether you melee or shoot though, this is really hard to pull off, but we do have a few pointers:

  • Wait until you're very close to begin engaging another player, they can dive away from you quickly if you try it from afar - that and the base pistol is a pea shooter at range.
  • Team–shooting is your best bet with the pistol; get the squad to pick a target heading for the same location as you and open up.
  • Meleeing a player is the quickest way to down someone in the air when you're acting alone, so we advise diving in on someone and just battering them if you don't have teammates around.
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