CoD Vanguard: Map Guide for Hotel Royal

Hotel Royal is a classic map from the beta, and an absolute blast to shoot your way through. Here is our map guide, including a few tips and tricks to get you started...
Vanguard Maps Hotel Royale
Hotel Royal is set in a gorgeous French hotel that overlooks the Eiffel Tower. | © Activision

Hotel Royal is a medium-sized multiplayer map that released with Call of Duty: Vanguard's launch on November 5. It was originally designed for 6v6 matches in standard multiplayer modes, though it is also available at multiple combat pacing's. In fact, Hotel Royal is a Parisian Hotel that overlooks not only the ruins of war-torn Paris, but the Eiffel Tower itself! Here's the map description:

Two months following the successful D-Day invasion, an uprising occurs in Paris by members of a local Resistance. This small, three-lane-like map was featured in Vanguard Beta.

This is actually one of the best thought out maps in Call of Duty: Vanguard, lore-wise that is. The idea is that the Nazis have taken over the Hotel Royal and made it their stronghold in Paris. Now that the Third Reich is falling, it's time for the French Hotel to be liberated by allied soldiers that have been dropped onto the hotel. It's a pretty cool concept, and makes for one of the best multiplayer maps in the game. Here is our Hotel Royal Map Guide!

Vanguard Hotel Royal Map Guide: The Map

Hotel Royal has one of the best scales in Call of Duty: Vanguard, with combat on the roof, side walks, and interiors of the hotel. It's an insane amount of fun, with players fighting over not just the interior, but the areas surrounding this fancy establishment. Hotel Royal's inside sections are absolutely gorgeous, and the backdrop of burning Paris is equally stunning when running around on the roof. Beware, though, there are plenty of sticking points here, and because of the fantastically vertical map-design, your opponents could come from anywhere! Check out the Hotel Royal minimap:

Vanguard Hotel Royal Minimap
Check out Call of Duty: Vanguard's Hotel Royal minimap. | © Activision

Vanguard Hotel Royal Map Guide: Gameplay Overview & Tactics

Hotel Royal is a very conventional Call of Duty map, with a standard three-lane approach and a lot of verticality. It's very functional, very fun, and whilst not a map we can imagine returning to in future CoD games, it's a blast when playing objective-based game modes especially. Look out for enemies coming from the rooftop when fighting inside the building, and be careful of those stairwells.

With a fantastic backdrop and some really pretty interiors, the inside of the hotel is the best place to be fighting in Hotel Royal. Despite the obscenely strong curtains, the map's inside sections are lavish and gold, with plenty of room to maneuver and plenty of opportunities for obscenely intense firefights within these four walls. Alternatively, take the fight to the roof for some more long-range action and some incredible vistas.

Check out our gameplay first impressions of Call of Duty: Vanguard's Hotel Royal Map:

There is a huge amount of variety in Hotel Royal, especially for such a small map. With much variety comes a need to be versatile, so that you can adapt to various situations. We recommend taking an Assault Rifle with you that has been set up optimally for long-ranged play, but can also work well at a pinch when engaging within the indoor section of the map. Additionally, maximize your lethals because you are going to need them, and maybe take a pistol as a secondary to make sure you're as fast as possible.