How to Complete Black Ops Cold War Mauer Der Toten Easter Egg

Bocw mauer der toten easter egg guide
How do you complete the new BOCW Mauer Der Toten Easter Egg? | © Activision

How do you complete the new Mauer Der Toten Easter Egg in BOCW Season 4: Reloaded? We take a look at the mid-season update's new Zombie map, and take you through exactly what you need to do to get the CRBR-S Wonder Weapon, and complete the BOCW Mauer Der Toten Easter Egg.

What the hell is going on in Black Ops Cold War? Are they actually putting high-quality new content into last year's Call of Duty? Well: yes, if you're into Zombies. In BOCW Zombies Season 4: Reloaded we did not only get a great new map, but some cool new weapons, and a fantastic new Easter Egg hunt. This is how to complete the BOCW Mauer Der Toten Easter Egg.

Are you enjoying the new quest and Mauer Der Toten Easter Egg in BOCW Season 4: Reloaded? Don't you just love Zombies at the moment? Here's the latest news.

How To Complete the Mauer Der Toten Easter Egg

  1. Turn on the power
  2. Find the Microwave Dish
  3. Obtain the Robotic Hands and the Battery
  4. Find and activate Klaus
  5. Get yourself the Blacklight
  6. Find the locker combinations to open the Room 305 Safe
  7. Upgrade Klaus
  8. Gain entrance to the lab
  9. Build Klaus' headgear
  10. Grab the canisters, take them to Essence Harvesters
  11. Collect Souls with the Essence Traps
  12. Stop the Train with Klaus
  13. Craft the Uranium Device
  14. Put the Cleansed Rock in the Secret Lab
  15. Defeat Valentina (boss fight)

We will now breakdown the entire Black Ops Cold War Mauer Der Toten Easter Egg quest, to give you the absolute best walkthrough we can. Alternatively, this dude provides a pretty great breakdown in the below tutorial!

Mauer Der Toten Easter Egg Pt. 1: Turn on the Power

Once you are at a reasonable level, which we recommend to be about seven rounds into the game, and have some high-quality weapons on you, head down to the underground train station. Kill the two Tempests and grab their fuses, so that you can switch on the power. Head over to the fuse box and turn the power on.

Mauer Der Toten Easter Egg Pt. 2: Find the Microwave Dish

Near the Pack-A-Punch Machine, check the ground for debris. Search each of these debris mounts for salvage, and in one of them you will find the microwave dish. That microwave dish will spawn in a random debris pile, so just keep searching until you find it.

Mauer Der Toten Easter Egg Pt. 3: Robotic Hands & Battery Locations

Head back over to the Pack-A-Punch Machine and take out the Disciple, as well as applying Brain Rot ammo to your primary. Go to the hotel near the spawn area, and go to "Room 305". On the way there, though, use your Brain Rot ammo to infect a zombie, but don't kill the Zombie. Lead it to Room 305 to open the door. Collect the Robotic Hands from the corpse on the bed.

Now play until Round 10, when the Krasny Soldat spawns. Kill it and grab the battery from its corpse.

Mauer Der Toten Easter Egg Pt. 4: Activate Klaus

To activate Klaus, now head down to the Safe House which is in the underground Railway area. You can now place the parts into Klaus, whom will then begin to assist you. Keep fighting Zombies until Klaus has made at least fifty kills.

Mauer Der Toten Easter Egg Pt. 5: Getting the Blacklight

Whilst allowing Klaus to get those fifty kills, you need to lead him to the Switch Control Room. Once inside, lead him to the locker. He will open it, and you can pick up the Blacklight – this is required to unlock the CRBR-S Wonder Weapon, but first you need to find three numbers to unlock the safe in room 305. This is what the Blacklight is for, and it's time to get searching.

Mauer Der Toten Easter Egg Pt. 6: Locker Combinations & CRBR-S Wonder Weapon

  • Garment Factory wall, by the Upgrade Station. You can also use this opportunity to put the Microwave Dish on said Upgrade Station.
  • Down the ladder at East Berlin Streets, on the wall.
  • Grocery Store near East Berlin Streets. Check the shelving.

Now that you have the codes, head back to Room 305 and open the safe with your unique code. This will unlock and you can pick up the CRBR-S Wonder Weapon.

Mauer Der Toten Easter Egg Pt. 7: Upgrade Klaus

Whilst fighting enemies, look out for the Blazer Mod Kit. It will spawn from a random enemy, and once you have it, you can head back to Klaus and activate him for another 2000 points. Make sure, however, that Klaus has enough kills – check if the top of the Upgrade Station is green.

Once your reactivate Klaus, a lockdown sequence timer will activate. You need survive the minute, at which point Klaus will be upgraded. It's a bit of a difficult fight, though, so make sure that you are prepared.

Mauer Der Toten Easter Egg Pt. 8: Enter the Lab

Go down to the Sewer Access area, and take Klaus to the wall on the western side. Make sure to summon him in front of wall. He will break down the wall, after which you need to destroy the metal door with your Blazer Mod. On the other side of the door is the Lab.

Mauer Der Toten Easter Egg Pt. 9: Build Klaus' Headgear

You now need to collect three parts, one at the Electronics Store – shoot down a radio on a shelf and pick up the transister. The second piece is in the starting area, on the pylon on the roof, yet again you need to shoot it. The third piece is in the train area again, at Ghost Station. Look near the Mule Kick perk machine for a green box. It's inside. Shoot it. Head back over to Klaus and craft the headgear.

Mauer Der Toten Easter Egg Pt. 10: Deliver Cannisters

Collect the empty cannisters in the Secret Lab you opened a little while ago. You need to now place these three canisters on things called Essence Harvesters. They spawn at different locations, sometimes at the station, the penthouse, or the sewers. It is always different, but you need to place three of them, so just wander around and try to find them.

Mauer Der Toten Easter Egg Pt. 11: Collect Souls

Back in the Lab, head downstairs and shoot the Endstation Lure machine. Collect the essence trap that it drops, and then go back to the three Essence Harvesters. At each of them, use the Endstation Lure and then kill everything that appears. As you kill more zombies, the cannisters fill up. Once they are full, bring them back to the Secret Lab. Place them in the middle of the room downstairs – you need to do this with all three cannisters.

Mauer Der Toten Easter Egg Pt. 12: Stop the Train

Activate Klaus again, and take him to the Ghost Station. Make sure he is standing on the train tracks, and then head over to the Switch Control Room to trigger the Railway Switch. Klaus will stop the train, which you can then enter to grab the Bomb and Rico's Keycard. Importantly, you need to be insanely quick here. You don't want the train to start moving again...

Mauer Der Toten Easter Egg Pt. 13: Craft the Uranium Device

Go back to the Safe House where Klaus was found, and interact with the computer. Following that, head to the tent on West Berlin Street and interact with that computer as well. Continue fighting until Megaton has spawned – you know the play by now: kill him. Pick up the Uranium.

This will trigger another countdown – for five minutes – go back into the tent with the computer screen. Once inside, interact with the workbench and craft the Uranium Device.

Mauer Der Toten Easter Egg Pt. 14: Activate the Boss Fight

Now run over to the Penthouse, and once at the top, put the Uranium device on the Zipline that leads across the street. Go back downstairs and craft another Uranium Device, and then take it to the opposite building from where you placed the previous Uranium device. Finally, head to the zipline by the large sign and place the second Uranium Device there.

Collect the cleansed rock that was created by the ensuing explosion, and head over to the Secret Lab. Place the cleansed rock into the Lab Device, and begin the final boss fight.

Mauer Der Toten Easter Egg Pt. 15: Beat Valentina (Boss Fight)

This is a pretty tough fight, but also the final part of this insanely long Easter Egg quest. You need to get through Valentina's shields, so that you can damage her directly. At three-quarters health she will teleport to West Berlin Street, where you need to continue the fight.

Valentina will eventually spawn on top of the Penthouse. Continue to fight her, but also be careful because she is extremely dangerous during this section of the fight. Remember to keep using the CRBR-S Wonder Weapon. She will spawn in East Berlin now, so continue the fight as best you can. Keep going, she's almost dead.

Finally, she will spawn back in the Secret Lab. Continue your routine, and take her down to zero health. This will activate a cutscene, followed by one final wave of enemies that you need to fight your way through. Once this wave of enemies has been been destroyed, congratulations, you have finally finished the BOCW Mauer Der Toten Easter Egg!

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