Warzone: How To Fix Fatal Error: Unknown Function

Warzones Wraith
Another infuriating error code for Warzone fans to deal with this weekend. | © Activision Blizzard

After the update on June 3, lots of Warzone players reported that their game kept crashing with the error code 'Fatal Error: Unknown Function'. Don't worry, it's not so common anymore, but in case it happens to you, here's how to fix Warzone Fatal Error: Unknown Function.

It's become all too familiar for a new Warzone update to result in crashes and bugs the following weekend. It's hard not to feel a little sorry for Raven Software though; this is a massive cross-play game and they patch it for balance almost every week. One bug causes this message to appear – 'Fatal Error: Unknown Function'. Just follow these simple steps to resolve the problem.

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How To Fix Warzone Fatal Error: Unknown Function

  1. Check that the Warzone version you are playing is the most recent. We know this is what users always hear, but it works a lot of the time, so do try it.
  2. Restart your console or PC and try to relaunch the game. Again, this is cliché, but that's for a reason - these steps will often resolve the problem.
  3. Delete and re-download the entire game. Many users have been able to play since the update, so you might be able to install the latest version without error if you start from a clean install.
  4. Reddit user u/Quale51k suggested signing out of your Activision account and signing back in. One user on Xbox reported this working, but others on PlayStation and PC said it did not resolve the problem.

We really hope these fixes worked, nothing infuriates us as much as a bug in Warzone, especially just as the Weekend begins. If none of these steps worked out for you, don't worry: Raven regularly releases patches, and should fix Warzone Fatal Error: Unknown Function with a patch someday soon.

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