How To Pick The Correct Red Door In Warzone

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Don't worry, there's a simple rule to help you choose the loot room | © Activision Blizzard

Warzone's Red Doors - you probably all know that they can send you to generous loot rooms. But they can also spit you out in the middle of nowhere. So, how do you pick the correct Red Door in Warzone?

Luckily for you, dear readers, we've been trying and experimenting with these Red Doors, and we've learned a very helpful rule.

If you haven't taken a Red Door before, we have the locations for you here. When you find them, they look like the one above. Once opened, they're a teleport. Go through, and you will be in a corridor with four more Red Doors, but three of them are a trap. You need to find the right one.

This is well worth learning about, because these Red Doors are not as connected to the Numbers event as we immediately thought, and it looks instead like they will stay after the event ends. Learn the rule, and you'll have a key to the Red Doors until Verdansk is gone for good (on or around December 2).

How Do You Pick The Correct Red Door In Warzone?

When you are in the corridor with four red doors to pick, choose the door that doesn't look electrified - this is the loot room. Any electrified doors will teleport you 600m into the sky at a random position on the map, so they aren't going to kill you, you can just pull your parachute, but still, you've missed out on the loot, and you're wasting precious time hanging in the air.

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This trick works every time, so you know you can rely on getting the loot (an advanced UAV, 2 gas masks, 2 armor satchels, usually another killstreak, and a ton of weapons and ammo) if you find a door. The doors might not be the best option for you and your team if you have a good location, though.

We advise only taking Red Doors if you've failed to find good loot in your area or there's an imminent danger you want to escape from.

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