How to Reach Prestige Levels Faster

Pre Season Prestige Keys
Nightfall is such a tease... WE WANT YOU NOW! (Image Credit: IGN/Activision)

Prestige Levels (also called Season Levels) can often be something to brag about to your friends. You want to be the first to reach Prestige 3, but don't know how? We'll help!

We already mentioned Prestige, or Season Levels in our CoD Black Ops Cold War: What Are Prestige Keys? Article. As we mentioned there, every time you reach a new Prestige/Season Level, you will get a sticker/emblem and Prestige Key, but also a very cool blueprint that doesn’t just look nice, but will do some major damage.

The most obvious way to reach Prestige Levels faster and therefore, get the blueprints faster, is to play multiplayer as much as you can.

Play, play play, and then play some more. Too obvious? We thought so. Then let's talk about some things, that are a little less obvious.


Another thing you can do is to check the Challenges Nearest to Completion section. For each Challenge that you’ve completed, you’ll earn XP… quite a lot of it. And you’ll need that for ranking up quickly, so always check these Challenges daily before jumping into multiplayer.

You can also rank up by swapping your game modes regularly, that’ll give you yet another big boost of XP that you’ll need for a higher Prestige Rank. Try out modes like the Combined Arms Moshpit and don’t just play the regular multiplayer.

And just because we keep mentioning the multiplayer, don’t forget the Zombie mode, which is also part of the Prestige Rank system. You’ll get just as much XP there as you get for the regular multiplayer, especially when completing those specific Zombie Mode Challenges Nearest Completion.

All this talk about Challenges means we can’t forget about THE challenges of the game, the Dark Ops Challenges. Complete these and you’ll get a huge amount of XP.

If you follow this guide, you’ll rank up your Prestige in no time and can maybe even reach Prestige 3 before Season 1 begins on December 10!

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