How To Win The Gulag Every Time

No-one likes being sat watching their squad. Don't let that be you. Here's how to win the new Warzone Pacific Gulag.

Winning Gulag Window
Top ten photos taken moments before...success. | © Activision Blizzard

The new Warzone Pacific map, Caldera, comes with a new Gulag. It's a lot better than last year's various Gulags, but obviously not as iconic as the OG. You've got basically three routes:

  • Left on the image above / "Mines"
  • Right on the image above / "Carts"
  • Middle on the image above / "House"

So where should you go, and how can you win the Gulag?

How to win the Gulag

Peak the Window

While folks are adjusting to the new map, and just because so many tend to be more cautious in the Gulag, you can do well by confidently rushing. We suggest going to the window you can see the operator facing in the image above, but don't leap through immediately, wait half a second to see if they do the same and shoot while they're mantling. If not then get through the window, run through the house, and leap through their open window to flank them.

If you can dropshot or bunny hop, you'll have a huge advantage no matter what route you take. If you don't know how, we've got you:

Hold "Cart Side"

On Cart side, unlike Mines, you've got hard cover. It's impenetrable, and this means a lot on Vanguard, given how the new weapons work. So if you go to Cart side quickly you can hold a tight angle and get ready for them, and if they don't come this way, you have a better shot on the flag than you do from the Mines. So you can kill them if they try to pull a sneaky one on you.

Bait your Opponent

One thing you should do no matter which route you take is face the opposite direction during the countdown. Your opponent will see a red outline of you and therefore the direction you're facing during the countdown. If you look towards mines say, then turn around and go to carts as the match begins, they might be baited and go to mines because they think you're there. Then, of course, you can go around and get a good flank on. This won't work on most players, but it's worth trying in case you get a lucky, and you're up against a bot in the Gulag.

You might not end up there in the first place if you can just get the right guns levelled up...