Leak: CoD Zombie Project In Development As Standalone Game

Cod zombies leak
It would look cool, probably. It always does... gameplay wise, though? Not sure. (Credit: Activision)

Another day, another Call of Duty Leak. This one is a lot more interesting than some others though. A possible CoD Zombie standalone game? Yes, please.

Yes, you read that title correctly and you are right to ask yourself: what the heck is going on?

Will There Be a Standalone CoD Zombie Game?

According to our favorite leaker Tom Henderson, yes, there will be a standalone CoD zombie game.


It would make sense, to be honest. The zombie mode has been quite the popular mode for Call of Duty. And well, if we’re talking about the hardcore Call of Duty stans, they’ll buy anything that has CoD slapped on it, even if it’s the weirdest merchandise on the planet (talking about boobie pillows here, by the way... just... with one of the female operators or something.)

Nevertheless, if this is true, which it might just be because Henderson is very reliable, then we can hopefully look forward to this CoD zombie game soon — even if it is still in early development.

Anyway, we're hyped for it! Especially since the new Zombie Outbreak mode is set in an open-world, we can't help but wonder: What would a standalone CoD Zombie game look like? Are we the only ones that are thinking something along the lines of Far Cry with zombies? Yes? Nah, we can't be...

Who knows, maybe Call of Duty becomes a little daring and introduces a spin-off with a third person camera? Maybe even an isometric twin stick shooter? We'd dig it. But then again: Call of Duty and innovation? Naaaah...

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