Leaked: These Are Going To Be Season 4's New BOCW Maps

'Hijacked' will be a 6v6 map, and almost certainly set on a plane. (Credit: Activision Blizzard)

The BOCW Season 4 maps were leaked just a few days ago, and they seem to confirm the desert theme that fans suspected. There will be five multiplayer maps, one Outbreak map, and one Zombies map. Keep reading for all the details.

Season 3: Reloaded is hot news right now, but already leakers have begun sharing details on what we've got in store for next season. The most recent leaks shared details on the name and size of the new maps coming to BOCW, and the name's alone can shed a lot of light on the maps.

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What Are The Leaked Season 4 Maps?

The leaked BOCW Season 4 maps are called Hijack, Echelon, and Dune. There will also be 2v2 gunfight map and another 6v6 map, but we do not know the names for these. Zombies will also get a new map, but again the name is unknown, though we do know the name of Outbreak's new map: Zoo.

Here's the leak:

Now, Hijack is obvious - it has to be a large vehicle, and almost certainly a plane. Echelon is a little less clear, perhaps it's a surveillance center; a reference to the mid 60s ECHELON program. And Dune? Well, this confirms the theory that Season 4 is desert-themed. Unfortunately, desert maps often become wide valleys of death for snipers to practice on in Call of Duty, but we'll see.

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What map are you most excited to play? For me, it's got to be Hijack, but honestly, Dune sounds like it could be trash. Please do reach out, we love these conversations. You can get involved on Facebook or Twitter, and better yet, consider joining MyEarlyGame today for all the latest and greatest!