Leak: Warzone & BOCW Season 4 Will Have a Desert Theme?

Warzone desert season 4
If Season 4 has a desert theme, what does that mean for Warzone? (Credit: Photowall / Activision)

A popular Call of Duty leaker has teased that Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Season 4 could have a desert theme, come its launch next month. The Warzone leaker shared a photo of a desert, and a cryptic message on Twitter. We take a look at the leak, and what it would mean for Warzone and BOCW Season 4, if found to be true...

Call of Duty Leaker @WarzoneNewz revealed a stock desert-photo on Twitter earlier today. The picture, easily found on Google, was a stock image of a desert, but what was written in the Tweet is what caught everyone's eye.

Season 4's theme. #BlackOpsColdWar #Warzone

Oh wow, this could be pretty big news! A desert themed Warzone? How would that work? Obviously in BOCW it could just be a new map (there already is a desert-themed map), but in Warzone, this could be seriously interesting!

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What Could A Desert Theme Mean for Warzone Season 4?

A desert theme would be pretty massive for Warzone, and could mean either a new map, or some pretty big changes to Verdansk '84. This leak could be unbelievably massive for Warzone especially, considering that the Battle Royale only got a new map back in April, and everyone is wondering what the hell the Nuke Event was all about.

Perhaps a desert themed Season 4 could explain this! Seriously, it could relate somewhat to the destruction caused by the Nuke, and we could head back to present-day, come the new season? It seems far-fetched, as Verdansk '84 is still super new, but maybe? Either way, it would be pretty major!

Check out the leak!

Is the Desert Themed Season 4 Leak Legit?

The leaker in question has been quite reliable in the past, but not without mistakes, so maybe, but also maybe not. You have to take any leaks with a grain of salt. This all could just be complete rubbish, or it could be massive news! We just simply don't know yet, but we can promise you one thing: as soon as we know, we'll let you know...

Jeez-magee... a desert themed Warzone? That could be freaking awesome...


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